How Is Gatsby Different From His Guests?

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The most significant distinction between Gatsby and his visitors is that, unlike them, he is not a party animal. He is withdrawn and does not participate in the lavish parties that he has organized and is paying for.

Gatsby knows that he is from a lower rung of society, and his financial status is irrelevant. He gives them too much credit. One of the ironies of the novel is that he does not comprehend how quickly and powerfully American economics and culture are changing.

Gatsby is a unique individual among the other guests who attend his weekly soirees for a variety of reasons. Two of the most significant Gatsby traits are his honesty and introverted nature. These odd qualities demonstrate how disconnected Gatsby is from his visitors.

In The Great Gatsby, Scott Fitzgerald depicts Jay Gatsby’s particular personality. The personage is contrary to the money-grubbing and shallow people around him. Buchanan and Myrtle Wilson are certainly not saints, to take two instances. Furthermore, it is easy to see all of Gatsby’s features when he is compared to others who attend his weekly parties.

To begin, it’s critical to understand the main character’s introverted nature. At the party, visitors come to seek popularity, respect, and scandal. In contrast, Gatsby watches the event from afar and refrains from drinking.

When Nick and he meet for the first time, his communication abilities amaze Nick. However, Gatsby dislike being surrounded by a lot of people. Furthermore, because he is not interested in social drama, he stands out among them.

Gatsby can also be seen as an actual person. His guests drink and enjoy fitting in with wealthy and prominent social groups by telling lies, pleasantries, and flattery others. Meanwhile, Gateway prefers direct conversations with people who pique his attention. Nick notes that Gatsby is one of the most genuine individuals he has ever met. That is why the protagonist resists keeping his parties’ shallow enjoyment at bay.