What Was Gilman’s Most Likely Reason For Sending A Copy Of Her Story To Her Former Physician?

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Charlotte Gilman sent a copy of her tale to her former doctor. She wanted to prove how incorrect the treatment for depression was to him. Gilman, like her character, experienced severe postpartum blues after the birth of her kid. Because she stopped doing what the doctor told her, the author recovered.

The Yellow Wallpaper is a first-person narrative. Her husband, a doctor, chose to cure her depression by restricting her contact with the world. It was a standard XIX century diagnosis. The treatment of the era included restricted speaking and mental strain. The character was forced to spend many hours in a room with yellow wallpaper.

The walls became a part of her mental illness. The author, on the other hand, battled depression and eventually recovered. It’s because to this that she sent a copy of her narrative to her former doctor, who also used incorrect treatment methods. This novel takes aim at XIX-century psychiatry and psychiatrists’ methods for treating sadness.

Doctors damaged the health of their patients by using incorrect treatment methods. They prevented female sufferers from interacting with others and having a meaningful social existence.

Under these circumstances, there was no way for them to heal. If doctors attempted to understand their patients, they would see that the therapy had failed to help. But they were adamant in their convictions, even though there was widespread proof against it.

Gilman went on to write the novella “Why I Wrote The Yellow Wallpaper” (1903). She reveals in this essay that the narrative emerged after she had recovered from severe depression. It has become one of the feminist movement’s most important works. The work is a classic testament to sadness and a depiction of neglectful treatment.

What was Gilman’s most likely motivation for sending a copy of her narrative to her former doctor? She wanted him to prescribe a new treatment strategy for her. She wanted him to pay her a visit so they could talk about her research.