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What’s Your Red Flag Quiz

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You know the saying, “When you’ve seen one red flag, you’ve seen them all”? Well, that may be true for some people. But not for me. I tend to see red flags as a sign that something is wrong and should be avoided.

Take this quiz to find out what your red flag is!

1What are you most afraid of?

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Hurt feelings
Being alone

2Relationship with parents?

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cant complain, they were okay, they did what they needed to do
they sheltered me and provided me with distractions from the real world
taught me bad stuff
i hate them, theyre the root of all my problems
off and on relationship
they were chill , but i still hate them
i love them!!!
they didnt set good examples, im probably slowly turning into them

3What do you think is the most important quality in a partner?

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4What's your sun sign?

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uhhhh idk

5What are you most likely to do on a first date?

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Play it cool
Be yourself
Try to impress
Hold back

6What do you need to do before you die?

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get famous
i dont really care about that anymore i just wanna die
start a family
screw a dilf/milf
be a hoe
get rich
watch the final season of your favorite show
travel the world
kill someone

7What was your reaction to Mufasa dying? (Lion King)

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…what just happened..?
what movie is that????
bruh wtf…:(

8What are you looking for in a relationship?

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Someone to have fun with
A partner who will challenge you
A best friend
Someone to take care of you

9The person you trust the most is holding a gun to your head, what's your first reaction?

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you ARE the person holding the gun
laugh my booty off
stay silent, and wonder what went wrong
bribe them
cry and ask them why
it doesnt affect me
scream at them angrily
mind blank, youre scared

10What kind of phone case do you have?

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clear with little things inside
those glitter ones
otterbox (or like a heavy-duty one)
pretty one with a pattern or picture
solid color
those cool 3d silicone ones
i go caseless (you are a menace to society)

11Are you loyal during the talking stage?

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yeah, im tryna make them mine
nahhh, i need options
yeah i dont have anyone else soooo
i dont talk to people

12Are you good enough?

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I'm content with who i am
No I never meet other peoples expectations
Yes I'm basically perfect
No I don't meet my own expectations
It depends, there's a bunch of variables
No I need someone to make me feel enough

13What do you think you need to work on yourself?

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My laziness
My mental health
My temperament