Which Westworld Character Are You?

If you've ever watched HBO's Westworld, then you know that the show is full of interesting and complex characters. From the android hosts to the human guests, there are a variety of personalities that make up the world of Westworld. But which one are you most like?

You wake up in a warm bed, the sun shining in through the window. You get out of bed and stretch, taking a deep breath of the fresh air. You can't help but smile as you think about the day ahead. There are so many possibilities, so many places to explore. You can't wait to get started.

You head downstairs and find your way to the kitchen, where you're greeted by a delicious breakfast. After eating, you head outside and begin your adventure. Will you visit Sweetwater first? Or will you head straight for The Maze? Only time will tell...

What are you waiting for? Take our quiz now to find out which Westworld character you are!

1Which season did you like the most?

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2What is the most important thing in life for you?

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3By what percentage can you assess the level of your observation?

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4What do you think about mistakes?

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Everyone should be able to admit their mistakes
The main thing is to correct mistakes in time
Everyone makes mistakes, the main thing is to learn lessons
Mistakes provide an opportunity to improve something and develop

5What interests do you notice in yourself?

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No interests after life situations

6What would you like to learn?

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Riding horses
Read people's minds
Create robots

7What do you think about reading books?

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It's cool, but it takes time
Everyone need to find time for this
In the modern world, you can listen to books, it's more productive
I can only read books that I really like

8Are you a sociable person?

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I'm not exactly person

9Do you make to-do lists for the year?

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Not for such a long period of time
Not always, and not for a whole year

10Which character do you find the most annoying?

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Charlotte Hale
The Man In Black

11What car would you like?

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12Everyone should have

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Critical thinking
High intellect

13What will you do if you see an opportunity that hasn't been seen in a long time?

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I will use it right away
I think that we create our own opportunities
When else if not now?
I'll weigh the pros and cons

14What do you think is stronger?

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Desire for peace
Desire for power
Difficult to answer in two words
I think this is a pretty deep question

15Are you good with weapons?

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I think yes
My strength is in the fight
Probably not quite
I don't need it

16Do you consider yourself a person who is ready to sacrifice himself for the sake of others?

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Maybe no
Looking at the situation
I didn't think about it

17Is honesty always good?

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Depends how to present honesty
Sometimes honesty is misplaced

18If you have someone to take care of, is that good or bad?

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It's good if it doesn't keep you on the path to your goals
More good than bad
Depends on what concern is being spoken about
–°aring is good

19Does everyone have courage?

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Maybe no
This is what has been developed over the years
It's instilled from childhood

20What should be a person's priority in the first place?

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Everyone has to determine their own priorities on their own
Self worth and respect

21Choose what reminds you the most about the storyline of the series?

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