Am I Famous?

I get asked this question a lot. And it's not an easy one to answer. On the one hand, I could say no, because I'm not a celebrity or anyone with a large public platform. But on the other hand, I have over 50,000 followers on Instagram, which is pretty.

So I guess the answer is that it depends on how you define "famous." If you're just looking at raw numbers, then sure, I'm famous in the sense that a lot of people know who I am. But if you're talking about household name recognition, then probably not so much.

Still, it's flattering to be thought of as famous by some people, and I'm grateful for the platform I have. Thank you to everyone who has followed me on my journey!

Do you think you have what it takes to be a famous person? Do you have the looks, the talent, and the personality? Well, take this quiz to find out!

You'll need to answer questions about your appearance, your skills, and your social media presence. Be honest - this quiz is for entertainment purposes only. Are you ready to find out if you're destined for fame?

1What are some common misconceptions about fame?

Choose an answer
That it comes with no strings attached
That it's easy to achieve
That it's something that only happens to people who are naturally gifted or lucky
That it's all fun and games

2Can fame last forever?

Choose an answer
Yes, if you work hard enough, your fame can last a lifetime
No, fame is often fleeting and can disappear as quickly as it appeared

3How well do you know celebrities?

Choose an answer
Very good, I communicate with many celebrities
I'm not particularly interested in celebrity lives
I have celebrities that I like, so I'm interested in their lives and achievements
I'm not very interested in someone else's life

4What else would you want to be if you couldn't become famous?

Choose an answer
There are many professions that I could become, being famous is not my #1 dream
An actor
A singer
A teacher
An artist
A blogger

5Do you have a lot of friends?

Choose an answer
Maybe no
I can't even count right away

6Do you have a lot of free time?

Choose an answer
No, not enough time
Yes, every day I think about what to do with my free time
Yes, I spend my days with different games
I clearly manage my time

7How many hours a day do you sleep?

Choose an answer
I sleep as much as my body asks for

8Are there any dangers of being famous?

Choose an answer
Yes, there are a number of dangers that come with fame
No, fame is all positive and there are no negatives attached to it

9How can you stay grounded when you become famous?

Choose an answer
By keeping your head down and avoiding the limelight.
By continuing to live a normal life and not letting fame change you
By being grateful for what you have and not taking it for granted
All of the above

10Which of the following is NOT a sign that you might be famous?

Choose an answer
People are always asking for your autograph
You're followed by paparazzi everywhere you go
You have your own Wikipedia page
You make more money than you know what to do with
You're always being asked to attend red carpet events

11Do you like to shoot some unusual and funny videos?

Choose an answer

12Do you have designer clothes that you love?

Choose an answer
I choose my wardrobe very carefully, so I am delighted with many things in it
I don't freak out about it at all
Of course, this is a very special piece in my wardrobe
I have a lot of cool designer stuff

13Do you like bright clothes?

Choose an answer

14How can you describe yourself?

Choose an answer

15Do you take criticism easily?

Choose an answer
Certainly. I would even say I pass by myself, why do I need this?
Not always, sometimes criticism hurts me
I hate criticism

16Which your favorite social media platforms?

Choose an answer

17How many people follow you on social platforms?

Choose an answer
Up to 5,000
Up to 500, 000
Up to 10,000
Millions of people

18Do you like to make people laugh?

Choose an answer

19What inspires you?

Choose an answer
Music and movies
Inspired by my idol
Another answer

20Have you ever had to disguise yourself from fans?

Choose an answer
Maybe no
It is possible

21Are you a morning person or a night person?

Choose an answer
A morning person
A night person

22How many selfies do you take in a day?

Choose an answer
1 or less
4 or more