Which Dream SMP Member Are You?

If you’re a fan of the Dream SMP, then you’ve probably wondered which member you’re most like. Well, wonder no more! Take our quiz and find out which Dream SMP member you are!

How To Play

Simply read each question and choose the answer that best describes you. In the end, you’ll find out which Dream SMP member you most like!

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Which Dream SMP Member Are You Quiz

What is your favorite color?
What is your favorite animal?
What would you do on a perfect day?
Question Image
What is your favorite movie genre?
Are you energetic?
Question Image
Are your mood swings?
Question Image
Do you consider yourself talented?
Question Image
Are you quite calm at all times?
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What is your favorite food?
Are you scared sometimes?
What is your favorite season?
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What is your favorite subject in school?
What do you prefer to eat?
What is your favorite sport?
How do you think, you always have positive vibes?
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Do you prefer to be alone or with others?
Do you like spending time outdoors or indoors?
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Private Minecraft servers have become increasingly popular, with The Dream SMP becoming one of the most renowned. Characters on these servers often allow their games to be broadcasted on YouTube or Twitch for others’ amusement.

The Dream SMP has taken the world of roleplaying Minecraft servers by storm, with a community made up of many unique personalities. There’s a favorite player for everyone – some love Technoblade for his anarchist attitude and survivability.

Tommyinnit’s honesty and tendency to overthink things drew in many people who related to him, while Eret’s kindness and Nihachu’s giving personality caught the notice of others.


At only 22 years old, Clay – also known as Dream – has accomplished more than most. He is the most famous member of the Dream SMP and has amassed a large social media following. His game is streamed on various platforms regularly, and he even has his own server!

In the game, Dream owns some amazing things like his Axe (which he lost to Tommy), a Sword that allows the player to loot and is unbreakable. He also had a book of Necromancy which he read and then burnt because he was afraid of being looted.


The individual behind GeorgeNotFound is George Lore. The character is, in essence, a lego figure wearing sunglasses and casual clothing like a T-shirt and jeans. In the game, George acts oddly because he doesn’t have any specific goals or objectives; all he does is listen to Dream and cause trouble on the server by breaking the rules and acting without thinking things through.

Without any sense of morality or consequence, he does whatever he likes, regardless of who gets hurt. For example, even though he was the king in the game, his chaotic and reckless behavior led to him losing his title.


Sam, the brainy genius behind Awesamdude, created his character with numerous small gems of different colors.

Awesamdude’s personality has changed since he started playing video games–he has become more altruistic and carefree. He is now the warden of Pandora’s vault and is determined to protect it from harm with the help of the Warden’s Will (a sword), Warden’s Hammer, Warden’s Bow, Warden’ Trident, Warden Helm, and Vest. All these items were given to him by Dream.

Why Is Dream SMP So Popular?

The story of Dream SMP is incredibly intriguing, and it features some of the most famous Twitch streamers and YouTubers. For some Minecraft fans, following Dream SMP was like watching an addicting Netflix series.