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Am I Fat Quiz – Find Out If You Are Overweight

Am I Really Fat?

Find Out If You Are Overweight or Not

A few questions to help you figure out if you should lose weight. Or maybe not ...

This is a great way to see if there are extra centimeters. And you will also find out the reason: overeating, too much sweets, or lack of exercise.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

The body mass index (BMI) was developed in 1869 by Adolphe Quetelet, a Belgian mathematician, sociologist, pioneer of scientific statistics.

It allows you to assess the degree of correspondence between the mass of a person and his height. The resulting digital value shows whether your weight is within normal limits or there are deviations in one direction or another.
  • BMI up to 16 - starvation
  • BMI 16,1-16.99 - emaciation
  • BMI 17-18.49 - underweight
  • BMI 18.5-24.99 - correct bodyweight
  • BMI 25-29.99 - overweight
  • BMI 30-34.99 - 1st-degree obesity
  • BMI 35-39.99 - 2nd-degree obesity
  • BMI over 40 - 3rd-degree obesity

For example, a person's weight is 64 kg, and his height is 162 cm. The body mass index in this case is: BMI = 64: (1.62 x 1.62) = 24.3.

1How Often Do You Eat Sweets

Choose an answer
Every day
One or two times a week
Almost every day

2How many times a day do you eat and in what portions?

Choose an answer
1-2, big portions
2-3, big portions
2-3, small portions
3-5, small portions
3-5, big portions

3How much water do you drink per day?

am i too fat quiz
Choose an answer
1 liter
1-1,5 liters
2 and more liters

4How often do you exercise?

how fat am i really quiz
Choose an answer
Regularly, 3-4 times a week
1-2 times a week
I'm not doing that
Only free walks

5How Old Are You?

Choose an answer
10 or younger

6Do You Think You Are Fat?

Choose an answer
I do not know

7Does your belly stick out?

Choose an answer
Little bit, but a healthy amount
Nah, it's flat
Yes – I have a medium to large belly
Belly hangs all the way over

8How many times someone has told you that you are fat?

Choose an answer
Happened several times
Nobody ever said that
I hear it almost every day

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  • The golden mean) but I think that a little more than normal weight. 11 years old, height 165 and weight 61 -62, although the norm for me is 55! But there is nothing special with the appearance). The belly hardly sticks out, but there are 2 chins, but not the largest, the frogs spread out when I sit. To be honest, I thought that I was fat, but I pass the test for the millionth time and everything is okay! Girls, you are all beautiful! Each has its own peculiarity! And the opinion of others is nonsense!

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