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Real Madrid is a Spanish professional football club from the city of Madrid. Recognized by FIFA as the best football club of the 20th century. Real Madrid is one of only three clubs that have never left the top Spanish division, the other two being Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao.

Real Madrid is one of the greatest football clubs in human history. It was founded in 1902 by people from the British Embassy.

The original name of the club was Madrid Football Club, and it lasted this way until 1920 when King Alfonso XIII gave the club the name Real, which means "royal" in Spanish. Also in the same period, a crown was added to the emblem.

The club has played in Spain's La Liga (first division) throughout its history and is the top club that never made it to the division below.

In 2000, FIFA named Real Madrid the best club of the 20th century.

As of 2020, the club has such records:

Raul - played the most matches (741). Among goalkeepers, Iker Casillas (725) played the most matches.

The best striker in the club's history is Cristiano Ronaldo (450 goals).

The largest officially recorded number of visitors was to the Country Cup match (83,329).

The club holds the record by winning 13 times in the European Cup/UEFA Champions League.

1Year of club foundation

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15 April 1922
2 March 1918
27 June 1921
6 March 1902

2Who added a crown to the emblem?

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Benito Mussolini
King Alfonso XIII
Florentino Pérez

3Where does the team play its home matches?

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Santiago Bernabéu Stadium
Stamford Bridge
Camp Nou

4How much interest did the club gain in this voting?

Real Madrid was recognized as the FIFA Club of the 20th Century on 11 December 2000.
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5Which of the following is NOT one of Real Madrid's nicknames?

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Los Blancos (The Whites)
White Barons
Los Merengues (The Meringues)
Los Vikingos

6Who was the first Real Madrid's manager? (1910-1920)

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Arthur Johnson
Santiago Bernabeu
Luis Molowny

7Which Choach Transfered Mesut Ozil and Sami Khedira

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Del Bosque

8In the 20th century, what was the biggest win in the history of Real Madrid for a league match?

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13-2 over Alaves
23-5 over Hercules
11-2 over Elche
7-0 over Las Palmas

9Who changed his shirt number four times?

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Luka Modric
Cristiano Ronaldo
Sergio Ramos

10How many goals did Alfredo di-Stefano score for Real Madrid?

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11What is Sergio Ramos's full name ?

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Sergio Ramos Garcia
Sergio Ramos Olano
Sergio Ramos Alaveira

12In the 1984-85 campaign, Madrid went nine games ____

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Without a lmatch in the league
Without a lose in the league
Without a victory in the league