Am I Lazy Quiz

Find Out If You Are Lazy

Perhaps you are as lazy as me, or perhaps you're quite energetic, or maybe you're a little active in between. Whether you're completely slothful or just a bit weary at times, this questionnaire will be able to tell you how diligent you are. Do you want to know how lazy you are? Take this quiz now and find out your exact laziness percentage.

Did you know that there is a condition known as persistent slothfulness? It refers to individuals who have great problems getting to work and repeatedly postpone the completion of an activity "until tomorrow." People who are lazy find a creative excuse to stop doing anything.

Are you concerned whether you might be one of those people? Nothing is easier than that! If you make up your mind, take the "Is it true that I am lazy?" test, and discover all you need to know. You're here now, at least, which means you've done something about your sloth; after all, you had on yourself quite the journey to get here!

If someone can perform a task that he is capable of doing but disinclined to do because of the effort involved, he or she is being lazy. Indolence and sloth are synonyms for laziness. The Latin indolentia stems from the phrase "without pain" or "without effort."

According to a recent study published in The Independent, “the lazy” may be smarter than those who are always active: “The findings from a US-based research seem to support the notion that individuals with higher IQs stay bored for shorter periods of time, causing them to engage in thinking for longer.

1How often do you exercise?

Choose an answer
Every day
A few times a week
Never or once a week

2What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

Choose an answer
I'm going to sleep for a few more minutes or… hours
I take the shower and then have breakfast
I'm checking my phone
It depends on my plans for the day

3When do you wash dishes?

Choose an answer
Immediately after using them
At the end of the night
The next day or later

4How often do you clean your room?

Choose an answer
Once a week
More than once a week
Once a month
A cleaning service does that for me

5How often do you order takeout food purely because you just can't be bothered to cook?

Choose an answer

6When you have a day off from work or school, how do you typically like to spend it?

Choose an answer
Spend time with friends and family
Do literally nothing

7How many hours do you sleep on average?

Choose an answer
Less than 4 hours
4-6 hours
6-8 hours
More than 8 hours

8Your friend asks you to help them move. How do you respond?

Choose an answer
Make up an excuse to not help them move
Help them move
No longer be friends with that person
I will help, but with great reluctance to do so

9How often do you read?

Choose an answer
Never (rarely)

10Has anyone ever told you that you are lazy?

Choose an answer
Yes, I hear it all the time
Yes, it happened
I can't remember (probably not)

11What is your age?

Choose an answer
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 40 Years Old
Over 41

12How often are you late for meetings?

Choose an answer

13When was the last time you checked your mailbox?

Choose an answer
Not this week
Someone else doing this for me

14You take the last drop of water out of the water cooler. There is a full bottle standing right next to it. Would you replace it?

Choose an answer

15Are there any empty shampoo bottles in your shower?

Choose an answer