Am I Ugly Quiz?

Am I Ugly?

Take this quiz to find out how ugly you are.

I was just kidding! This quiz is not meant to offend anyone, and it's just a different fun way we've come up with for you to answer questions about yourself. You can also have a look at the results page, where all your answers will be displayed together in one place, and if you like, share them on social media.

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Appearance is closely linked to bullying since one of the main reasons for it is prejudice. In fact, according to Ditch the Label's 2019 Annual Bullying Survey, 59% of young people said that their appearance was a cause of bullying.

This is a question that has been asked before. Since the start of human history, people have probably been questioning their self-worth based on their appearance on a daily basis, most likely since the dawn of civilization.

For example, in Ancient Greece, physical beauty standards called for males to be buff and glossy, whereas females were thought to be most attractive when they had red hair and a fuller-figured body. A pale face with rosy cheeks was regarded as the ideal in Victorian times. These criteria and ideals have altered numerous times throughout the last 1000s years.

A YouTube trend dubbed "Am I Ugly or Pretty?" emerged in 2013, when teen girls uploaded videos of themselves asking others that very question. The internet then delivered a no-holds-barred response to the query.

On platforms like Instagram, Reddit, and TikTok, these issues are frequently asked in 2022.

1How Old Are You?

Choose an answer
16 or under
17 or over
It's a secret

2Do you think you are ugly?

Choose an answer
I don't know

3What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Choose an answer
Someone who is confident
Someone who is talented
Someone who feels lost in life
Someone who is tough

4Would you rather change your body type or your face?

Choose an answer
My face
My body type
I actually like the way I look

5You get bullied at school.

Choose an answer

6What is your teeth appearance?

Choose an answer
Clean and straight
Dirty and crooked
Clean and crooked

7Did you ever have a girlfriend /boyfriend?

Choose an answer

8What is the shape of your body?

Choose an answer

9How many friends do you have?

Choose an answer
I have no friends
I have less than 10 friends
I have less than 20 friends
I have more than 20 friends

10What type of person you are?

Choose an answer
Go with the flow

11How tall are you?

Choose an answer
I am short
I am average
I am pretty tall
I think I'm tall, but there are people taller than me