Do My Parents Love Me Quiz

The answer may depend on what your definition of "love" is, but in general, most parents love their children. They may not always show it in the ways that you want them to, but they do care about you and want what's best for you.

Of course, there are always exceptions to this rule. There are some parents who are simply incapable of loving their children, either because of mental illness or because they themselves never received love and don't know how to give it. But these cases are relatively rare.

If you're wondering whether your parents love you, the best thing to do is ask them directly. They may not be able to express their feelings in words, but if they truly love you,

Do you think your parents love you? Take this quiz to find out!

1How often do your parents tell you that they love you?

Choose an answer
Almost every day
They rarely speak, but I feel their love even without words
I don't remember when they said those words
Our love is not expressed in words

2How many times a day do your parents hug you?

Choose an answer
We don't have that custom
Hugs at every opportunity
It's hard to say how many times since we have hugs for no reason
We hug at least 2 times a day

3Do you feel lonely?

Choose an answer
Sometimes, but it does not depend on the parents

4Do you spend weekends with your parents?

Choose an answer
Sometimes. Because I'm more interested in spending them with friends
Sometimes only with parents, sometimes with grandparents

5Do your parents yell at you?

Choose an answer
I don't remember if it was
All the time, everything I do they don't like it

6When you see your parents, what is your first emotion?

Choose an answer
Warmth and admiration

7Do you feel like you're annoying your parents?

Choose an answer
I don't feel it, my parents openly tell me about it
I accidentally overheard their conversation

8Did your parents ever hit you?

Choose an answer
Yes, but it's by accident and not out of malice
Sometimes for misbehaving, but I can't say that I was beaten
Sometimes parents can be in a bad mood and I have to endure it

9Does it happen that you just talk sincerely about everything in the evenings?

Choose an answer
No, parents never have time for this

10Do your parents wish you a good day?

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All times
They don't care how my day goes

11Do your parents give you advice on how best to act in a given situation?

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No, they forget that I asked for help
Only when I ask for advice

12Do they let you go to friends?

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Yes, this has never been a problem
How they feel more comfortable. They always try to hurt me as much as possible

13Do you ever feel like you want to be alone, not with your parents?

Choose an answer
Constantly, they seem to put pressure on me
I'm scared sometimes to be with them, better alone

14Do your parents often fight?

Choose an answer
No, but sometimes there may be minor disagreements
I don't notice it
Yes, and all the time because of me

15Do you trust your parents?

Choose an answer
Of course, they are my parents
Yes, I can even trust my secrets for them
Sometimes it seems to me that I can only trust myself, otherwise, I will suffer