Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 7 Answers

Question Answers
To soak or stain thoroughly is to: imbue
Which of the following is the opposite of rigid? malleable
If an essay is not fully shaped or formed, it might be described as: inchoate
Another word for disaster is: cataclysm
To feel ambivalent (sentence 1) is to be: of two minds
Which of the following words could not be used to replace queasy (sentence 2)? untroubled
Philistines (sentence 4) are those who are lacking in: cultural and artistic values
To lampoon (sentence 4) performance is to: ridicule it
Which of the following words could be used to replace gambol (sentence 5)? cavort
In sentence 5, éclat means: brilliance


You made some rather clever suggestions at the meeting, but on the whole your ideas were far too _____ to serve as the basis for a workable plan.
Perhaps once in a generation, a people is faced with a great moral crisis in which it must _____ for good or evil, war or peace, life or death.
Oscar’s careless housekeeping and sloppy habits were an endless source of exasperation to his _____ roommate.
Should we expect the needs and purposes of a true poet to be understood by such a thoroughgoing _____?
Instead of settling down to a job and a family, Tom seems to be modeling his life on the career of some rogue out of a _____ novel.
How could they have _____ themselves by joining in that obscene celebration?
Such capacity for growth and self-improvement can be expected only in the _____ years of the teens and early twenties.
I was confident that I would do well in the scholarship examination, but my hopes were dashed by my old _____, mathematics.
Many scientists are fearful that the West Coast may someday suffer a _____ as violent as the earthquake that devastated San Francisco in 1906.
Her equivocal answers to my questions about going to college in the fall clearly revealed her _____ attitude toward leaving home.
There are circumstances under which it is desirable to make decisions swiftly and unequivocally, but there are other cases in which it is wise to hold decisions in _____.
Though Jane’s mount was as docile as a newborn lamb, mine proved to be the most _____ animal I had ever ridden.
A host of creditors _____ the hapless businessman with demands for payment and threats of legal action.
carte blanche
Since I had unlimited faith in their honesty and discretion, I felt no qualms about giving them _____ to do whatever they thought was necessary.
The purpose of the course in American history is to _____ young people with a genuine understanding and appreciation of what this country stands for.
The entire issue of the magazine was designed as a _____ satirizing the follies and futilities of mass-consumption advertising.
The young pianist dazzled the audience with the _____ and verve of his performance.
As we turned in to the ranch, we saw two young colts _____ playfully in the open field.
I freely confess that just the sight of a roller coaster is enough to make me feel _____.
They showed such a deplorable lack of _____ in handling that difficult situation that they converted a mere unpleasantness into a social disaster.