Do I Love Him Quiz

You think you might be in love, but how can you really know for sure? This quiz will help you assess whether your feelings are the real deal!

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about your partner when you should be focusing on something else? If so, it could be a sign that you're head-over-heels! When we're truly in love, our minds wander to our partner even when we're supposed to be thinking about other things. So if you can't seem to get him or her out of your head, it might be time to listen to your heart.

Another common symptom of being in love is feeling like you can't get enough of the person. If you find yourself wanting to spend all your time with your partner, it's a surefire sign that you're falling head over heels! When we love someone, we can't help but want to be around them as much as possible.

So if you find yourself making excuses to see your partner or spending every waking moment with them, it's probably because you're in love!

Do you ever feel nervous or have butterflies in your stomach when you're around your partner? If so, it could be a sign of love! Being in love often causes us to feel anxious and giddy like we just can't contain our excitement. So if you've been feeling extra jittery lately, it might be because the person you're with is special

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1You catch your love interest staring at you, what do they do next?

Choose an answer
Quickly look away and pretend they were looking somewhere else
Smile and look away
Hold your gaze and smile back

2Your love interest gives you a gift, what is it?

Choose an answer
Something heartfelt that shows they know you well
Something small but thoughtful
Something expensive

3What kind of dates does your love interest take you on?

Choose an answer
Dates that are simple but special to both of you, like getting coffee or going for a walk in the park
Romantic dates, like dinner and a movie or flowers and chocolates
Fun dates, like going paintballing or to an amusement park

4You want to ask him out on a date, what kind of place would that be?

Choose an answer

5What is your love interest's relationship with their family like?

Choose an answer
They're close with their family and they're always talking about them
They don't talk about their family much but you can tell they're important to them
They seem to have a strained relationship with their family and they don't talk about them very often

6Your love introduces you to their friends, what are they like?

Choose an answer
Genuine and kind
A little cold and standoffish
Rude and disrespectful

7Does you ever put him first?

Choose an answer
Yes, all the time!
Sometimes, depending on the situation
No, his friends and family always come before me

8Does you get jealous when he talk to or spend time with other girls?

Choose an answer
Yes, I gets jealous often and it makes me feel suffocated
I'm a little jealous sometimes, but it doesn't bother me
We haven't really talked about jealousy…

9Choose breakfast for him

Choose an answer

10Does you ever try to do things to make him happy, without being asked?

Choose an answer
Yes, all the time!
Sometimes, but not as often as I'd like him to
No, he needs to pretty much ask for everything he want

11Choose a coffee for him

Choose an answer

12When he is upset, do you try to support and comfort him?

Choose an answer
I always support
Depending on the situation
I do nothing

13When you're together, does he make you feel special?

Choose an answer
All the time!
He hasn't really made any effort to make me feel special but I don't mind because I know he loves me anyways
Almost never

14Choose the most comfortable evening that you would like to spend with him

Choose an answer

15Does he go out of his way to do things for you?

Choose an answer
All the time! He's always doing something special for me and he is always willing to help out however
Sometimes, but it feels like I'm always the one pushing him to do more for me
Almost never, I always have to ask him to help me with things or do things for me

16You are at a distance. He has not been writing or calling for a very long time. What do you think?

Choose an answer
I call or write
I'm starting to worry
Absolutely nothing, when he wants to write and call, he does it

17Choose a heart that can describe your relationship a little

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