How Well Do You Know My Hero Academia?

Ultimate MHA Quiz

Take this quiz to find out how well do you know the My Hero Academia.

The manga My Hero Academia is written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi, and it appears in Weekly Shonen Jump. The first chapter was published in issue 32 of Weekly Shonen Jump on July 7, 2014.

Before the series' release in Weekly Shonen Jump, Kohei Horikoshi tested My Hero Academia concepts in a One-Shot released within Akamaru Jump in Winter 2008. On January 26, 2015, Viz Media announced that they would begin releasing the series officially on February 9, 2015.

People are not born equal, as Izuku Midoriya discovered when he was bullied by his classmates, who possessed unique special abilities. Izuku was one of the rare exceptions to this rule. This did not deter Izuku from pursuing his ambition to become a great hero like All-Might. Will he be able to climb the ranks and truly become a hero with the help of his idol All-Might?

Izuku Midoriya is the protagonist of My Hero Academia. He is a young boy who dreams of becoming a superhero like his idol, All Might. Despite being born without a superpower, he enrolls in UA Academy in order to become a hero. Throughout the series, Izuku faces many challenges but always strives to do what is right. He has proven himself to be a brave and selfless hero time and time again.

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1When was episode 1 of season 1 aired in Japan?

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April 13, 2013
April 3, 2016
April 23, 2018

2Who saved Izuku in the first episode?

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Gran Torino

3What anime quirk did Tsuyu Asui have?

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4Who is Tsuyu Asui boyfriend?

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Inasa Yoarashi
Romero Fujimi
Minoru Mineta

5Does Izuku's mom have a quirk?

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She can attract small objects
She can read other people's minds
She can attract tree roots

6What is Dekus birthday?

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July 18
July 15
July 29

7Who is the main character in My Hero Academia anime?

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Katsuki Bakugo
Shoto Todoroki
Izuku Midoriya

8What was Izuku Midoriya's quirk?

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One For All

9What quirk did Momo Yaoyorozu have?

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Fa Jin

10Who was not on the 1-A class list?

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Mina Ashido
Mashirao Ojiro
Mawata Fuwa

11Who was not on the 1-B class list?

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Kosei Tsuburaba
Mei Hatsume
Reiko Yanagi

12Izuku was chosen as class president?

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13Who did Izuku give up his position as class president for?

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Pony Tsunotori
Tenya Ida
Toru Hagakure

14What hero name did Izuku choose for himself?

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15Who in Deku's class was his childhood friend?

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Shoto Todoroki
Eijiro Kirishima
Katsuki Bakugo

16What was the title of the episode when Deku was told more about his quirk?

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Shire!! Mukashi no Hanashi
Bakugo Katsuki: Orijin
Midoriya to Shigaraki

17Who does Izuku try out his shooting style on after the licensing exam?

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Koji Koda
Katsuki Bakugo
Fumikage Tokoyami

18Who was Deku trying to stop infiltrating the UA school festival?

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Sludge Villain
Danjuro Tobita
Habit Headgear

19When did the last episode of season 5 come out?

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September 25, 2021
September 19, 2020
October 25, 2021

20Who on the list is not from the U.A. high staff?

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Hanta Sero
Lunch Rush