Is A Pug The Right Dog For Me Quiz?

You've been thinking about getting a dog. You've done your research and think a pug might be the right breed for you. But how can you be sure? This quiz will help you determine if a pug is a right dog for you.

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1How much time are you willing to spend exercising your dog each day?

Choose an answer
30 minutes
An hour or more
I'd rather not Exercise isn't really my thing
20 minutes

2What kind of personality are you looking for in a dog?

Choose an answer
Energetic and playful
Goofy and silly
Loyal and loving
Independent and aloof

3Do you have any other pets?

Choose an answer
Yes, I have a cat
No, I don't have any other pets
Yes, I have another dog
Yes, I have both a cat and another dog

4How often are you willing to groom your dog?

Choose an answer
A couple times a week
Once a week
A couple times a month
Monthly or less often

5Choose a toy for pug

Choose an answer

6What size of dog do you prefer?

Choose an answer
I don't have a preference

7How much do you want to spend on your dog each year?

Choose an answer
Less than $500
Between $500 and $1000
More than $1000
I don't want to spend any money

8What kind of coat does your ideal dog have?

Choose an answer
Short and smooth
Long and silky
Double coated
I don't mind as long as they don't shed too much

9How much noise is too much noise for you?

Choose an answer
I love when my dog vocalizes and makes noise
As long as they're not barking all night, I don't mind
I prefer a quiet dog who only barks when necessary
Silence is golden

10Choose clothes for your pug

Choose an answer

11Would you describe yourself as...

Choose an answer
Laid back

12Are you looking for a...

Choose an answer
Watch dog
Therapy dog
All of the above

13Which of the following words would you use to describe your ideal dog?

Choose an answer
All of the above

14Where will your pet sleep?

Choose an answer

15Choose a treat for your pet

Choose an answer