Am I Pretty Quiz

You might be wondering how you can tell if you are pretty. There might be a few things that come to mind, like how much money do I make or how many friends do I have?

The truth is, being pretty has nothing to do with these things. When it comes down to it, all people care about is how good-looking they think you are on the inside and out. So here's what we're going to go over - an easy test for you to tell if you're pretty!

How do I know if I am beautiful?

It is tough to judge your appearance objectively. When you stare at a mirror, there may always be something to nitpick about. Women in particular are very self-critical as a whole because we feel like we have higher expectations for ourselves than what society tells us that we should strive for. Women who love themselves tend to be much happier than those with low self-esteem because they don't believe society's standards of beauty or worthiness of love apply to them in the same way.

Whether one is perceived as pretty can depend on many factors, but the most important is often our face. So what features should we have in order to be considered attractive?

Analyzing Face Features

When we look at a face, observers can identify if the emotions displayed are happy, angry or sad by observing changes in the shape of its features. A smiling face for example is seen as happy but if that same person yawns their expression would be seen as tired. Regardless of the emotion being expressed, people make social trait inferences about a neutral-faced person based on appearances.

These inferences are not related to an instantaneous emotional state; rather they're driven in part by what emotional expressions it looks like--happy faces have more smile lines than unhappy faces which lead observers to think there is happiness when there's actually just boredom.

Knowing whether or not you are attractive can be difficult to gauge. For instance, a person with a neutral face may elicit the following emotions from an observer: happiness, sadness, or dominance. Observers may gather this information even if a person isn't smiling or laughing in the picture. In this work I am interested only in these facial traits that are independent of an instantaneous emotional state on the face; can you predict how someone other than yourself will perceive you?

How much do beauty standards differ?

Here are a few examples of beauty standards that vary greatly depending on the culture. The women from Ethiopia might remove their lower front teeth and insert large disks where they believe porcelain skin is beautiful for Westerners tanning may be an attribute of beauty, but in many Asian countries, females and males stay out of the sun as much as possible to achieve this look.

In many cultures, weight is a sign of wealth so people who are overweight were considered more attractive. Think about the beauty standards for your culture and know that it's always changing.

How can I check my face beauty?

A person's face may be divided vertically into five equal parts, each part being approximately the width of one eye. Aesthetic balance is considered ideal when a person's facial features fall within these parameters. The base of the nose is usually close to half the width of each eye and should not exceed this distance by more than a couple millimetres.

A person's face can be divided into thirds, vertically. The top third is from your hairline to the top of your brows, the middle third is from the top of your brows to the bottom of your nose and lastly the bottom third is from the bottom of your nose to include everything below it.

Just one aspect of facial beauty is accounted for when looking at the person from the front. The second aspect, lateral depth, is concerned with how a face appears to change proportionately as it moves towards and away from your eyes.

High self-esteem

High self-esteem means that you're a confident person who loves yourself. You don't think negatively about yourself and are usually your own cheerleader.

Low self esteem

Low self-esteem means that you don't have much faith in yourself and believe the world is a better place without you. It can also mean that you do not recognize your own strengths or weaknesses, only seeing them as things to be fixed or improved upon.

Results of the Am I Pretty Quiz

It is possible to get a broad idea at once of your beauty by answering questions in this quiz. The result of the analysis helps understand yourself and things if needing to be improved on. When you answer questions about this quiz you may be able to get the following results.


What is the color of your eyes?

Choose an answer

What is the color of your hair?

Choose an answer

Do you have nice hair?

Choose an answer
I did a lot of manipulations with them, now they are short. There is no time for hair care.
I hardly have any. I cut, dyed, and heated a few to many times.
I dyed my hair, but I take good care of it. They are pleasant enough.
I have never dyed my hair, I use hair oils, professional shampoos and conditioners

Your hair is?

Choose an answer
Hair that tends to take on a wavy shape
Overly curly hair
Straight hair

Your eyelashes are?

Choose an answer
They are short and I don’t do anything with them
They are short, I use an incredible amount of mascara.
They are not very long, but neither are they short. Thick and curled up.
They are very long naturally

Your lips are?

Choose an answer
My lips are thin but beautifully shaped. Sometimes I tint them
My lips are very big, I don't paint them so as not to emphasize them even more.

Which of the following do you have on your face?

Choose an answer
Large pores, Acne
Moles and / and Freckles

What is the shape of your nose?

Choose an answer
Snook nose
Aquiline nose
Potato nose
Roman nose
Short nose

Do you have piercings on your face?

Choose an answer
My lip, nose and eyebrow are pierced (or 2 options)
My eyebrow is pierced
My lip is pierced
I don't have any facial piercings.

Which eyebrows do you have?

Choose an answer
They are naughty
They are naughty, but they look good enough
They are somewhat well-groomed, but sometimes I don't have enough time to do it
They are maintained very well

Which cheeks do you have?

Choose an answer
Plump cheeks
Sunken cheeks
Drooping cheeks
Rosy cheeks

What kind of makeup do you prefer?

Choose an answer
Always only bright makeup
I don't like makeup
Neutral makeup, I focus on the eyes or only on the lips
Light makeup, which is almost imperceptible

What is your skin?

Choose an answer
Dry skin
Oily skin
Combined-type skin
Normal skin with no problems

Do you care about your skin?

Choose an answer
No, I already feel good.
Yes, sometimes I'm too lazy.
Yes, I do massages and use special cosmetics
Not now, but I used to care and plan for the future.

What words can characterize you?

Choose an answer
I do not like myself and my appearance.
I am a very unusual & beautiful
Average. Nothing too interesting
I have to say, I'm pretty, but I need more confidence

Do you have high cheekbones?

Choose an answer

What is your teeth appearance?

Choose an answer
Dirty and crooked
Clean & straight

If you could change something about yourself, what would you choose?

Choose an answer
Ears, nose, cheeks, legs
Hips, legs
Only face
I would change nothing

Are you satisfied with your height?

Choose an answer

How do you deal with criticism about your appearance?

Choose an answer
I can't cope with it
It motivates me
I accept it