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How Straight Are You? – Real Straight Quiz

Am I Straight Quiz

Are you straight? This is an important question to ask yourself because not being straight can come with a lot of stigmas.

One way to find out for sure is by taking this quiz. The quiz will give you your result instantly, but it also offers some interesting facts about people who identify as LGBTQ+ and the history behind the word "straight.

A lot of people have questions about their sexuality and don't know where to turn. I can tell you one thing: it's not easy being gay, bi, or lesbian when society thinks you're straight. This is a definitive guide for figuring out if you are 100% straight.

Heterosexual is a concept that implies an individual who is inherent in sexual attraction to the opposite sex, which, in fact, is the norm. Heterosexuals are the basis for the continuation of the human race.

If you look at the etymology of this word, it turns out that it was formed from the Greek word "έτερος", which means "other" and the Latin word "sexus", which means "sex".

It turns out that a heterosexual (it's correct to say that way) is a person who is experiencing sexual treatment for the opposite sex. That is, heterosexuals are the majority of people on the planet.

This term was first proposed by the German psychologist Richard Kraft-Ebing in 1886. He described this concept in the book Sexual Psychopathy.

There is also homosexuality - this is the attraction to people of the same sex, as well as bisexuality - this is an attraction to people of the same and opposite sex.

To get 99% accuracy you have to give honest answers.

1Which of these straight activities do you enjoy the most?

Choose an answer
Figure skating

2What is your opinion about pride month?

Choose an answer
I am a part of it
I support them
I do not care
I don't know what is this

3Do you have any gay friends?

Choose an answer
I don't know

4How about going to bed with someone of the same sex?

Choose an answer
That is disgusting
Sure, why not?
It's my desire

5Have you ever thought about being together with the same sex?

Choose an answer

6Would you watch a some kind of porno with both actors of your gender?

Choose an answer
God, no!

7I wouldn’t want to die without having experimented sexually with the same sex.

Choose an answer

8If you could, would you like to know if someone of the same sex has feelings for you?

Choose an answer

9What comes to your mind first when you are about to think of a person you find very attractive?

Choose an answer
Same sex
The opposite sex

10What is your favorite color?

Choose an answer
Does it really matter?

11Have you ever kissed a person of the same sex?

Choose an answer
I don't remember

12If you discover that your friend is gay, what would you do?

Choose an answer
I'll support him
I'll distance myself from hin
I'll ask him on a date with me

13How do you act when a person of same sex flirt to you?

Choose an answer
I force them to stop
I respond with flirt too

14Do you think gay people should have kids?

Choose an answer

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