Am I A Sissy Test

by Quizaza team | Last Updated: January 31, 2021

To strengthen the body, it is enough to eat right and exercise more or less regularly. We're talking about weakness emotionally or weakness of spirit.

Surely you've met people who behave themselves so cowardly, sneakily and ingratiatingly that the desire to kick them arises somehow involuntarily, and even if it doesn't materialize, it leaves behind a feeling of disgust and a desire to take a bath? It happens to meet the opposite personages: when some skinny and unassuming fellow is acting so that one would want to vanish into thin air at the sight of him. But he is followed by thousands of people, and women vied with each other to offer their availability and loyalty in one bottle?

What distinguishes these people? Often not the presence of steel muscles, money or power. This is some kind of inner confidence that "I can, I can, I know where I'm going and no one in the world can stop me. The first lacks this confidence, while the second has it in abundance. And then it increases: the first gradually loses those tiny crumbs of confidence, which were originally, and the second pumps this confidence to the brink of the possible, and then even a little further.

Do you live in harmony with yourself? This quiz will answer that question. For each item, choose the answer that is closest to your needs.

What do you value most in a girl?
Choose the type of shoes you wear most often
Do you like when people fuss over you?
Do you love yourself?
If you were offered to permanently change your gender and get the body of your dreams, would you agree?
Do you think gender affects sexuality?
How do you feel about femininity?
Rate your masculinity in comparison to your highest masculinity stereotype. Don't exaggerate - be honest.
Have you ever fantasized about how your life would be if you were a female?
Are you submissive and obedient towards your girlfriend?
What would you do if a girl is giving you signs of seductions?