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Should I Get My Nipples Pierced Quiz

Welcome to our Should I get my nipples pierced quiz

We hope that after passing through, it will be much easier for you to make a decision.

But firstly, we want to show you some feedback from people who have already gone through this.

Do it. I had mine pierced about 7 years ago, and still love them. And it can make the nipples bigger and more sensitive (which is what I wanted, since mine were so small). They do look better with a good body.

The pain is intense, but very brief (like 1 second), and the healing was fairly painless and easy (for me, at least). I had them pierced at 14g and then stretched up to 6g. I love the feeling of them, especially with heavier jewelry. - Jenny

I got mine done yesterday spur of the moment and it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be! The second one hurt more, but honestly it wasn't bad at all! I've had my ears pierced 8 times and my eyebrow, naval, and lip pierced, and have 3 tattoos. I've also breasted 2 kids (but only for a few months because it hurt so bad and I couldn't stand it) so naturally I was terrified of getting my nipples pierced. Today they've been sore, but not bad at all! Sports bra sports bra sports bra! Do it! I love them! - Audrey

If you want, go for it.

I've done it. It is hot and yes it hurts. It hurts most during the second of piercing then you have a dull pain while they are healing. You have to keep up the saltwater treatments and stay protected from anything snagging on you for a couple months.

Had barbells and took them out after a few years. They suddenly started to hurt and my guess is maybe my body was rejecting it.

I'd say get your left side done if you're right-handed, or vice-versa. Less likely to jostle it during healing. But really, it doesn't matter- or you can do both!

The feeling of having a pierced nipple, once everything's healed, isn't much of anything . . . piercing makes the nipple more sensitive and/or sexually responsive for most people, but really, it's not like you're constantly aware of it. Unless I actually feel them and feel the shape, I don't really remember they're there.

Yes, it hurts while getting it done (and for most, but not all people, for a while afterwards, too). Feels like what it is- a sharp needle piercing through your flesh. Bearable but painful, thankfully over very fast. Throbby but sort of adrenaline-endorphin rush-y immediately after and on the way home. Take some aspirin, be super delicate with 'em. They'll be sore for a few days or a week, and hypersensitive for a couple or even three months, then they start feeling more normal. They won't fully heal until 6 months to a year.

There is a popular question: "can nipple piercing cause cancer?". The answer is - NO.


For optimal and fast healing of teat piercing, it is worth choosing jewelry made of bioplastic or titanium materials. The individual structure of the nipple is measured in advance and the free space of the bar is calculated. Remember that the jewelry should be free and in no case should not be at the time, or even more so - pressure.

Do not forget about the "disposability" of bioplastic, which is its neutral environment and good absorption (ability to absorb pollution, in this case). It is impossible to clean the material from contamination and bacterial oversaturation. The period of validity of continuous wearing of this material is not more than six months. After the decoration should be replaced.

Procedure process

The marking of the future piercing should be outlined without going beyond the border of the halos, which is highly undesirable to injure. The use of injection anesthesia (if your master is familiar with the initial medical skills of injection procedures and is familiar with the reaction of the human body to analgesics) can relieve you of pain in such a sensitive area.

Remember, if you are prone to frequent allergic reactions, you have bronchial asthma or serious heart chronic diseases such as cardioneurosis, ischemia, or you have undergone surgical interventions with the installation of any auxiliary implantable means - the use of local anaesthesia can have an extremely negative effect on Your health and even cause serious harm. Be sure to inform your foreman if you have any of the listed problems. By making it easier to work, you will avoid possible negative consequences.


From 1 to 2 months.


Do you have any piercings already?

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Are you planning a pregnancy in the next 6 months?

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How high is your pain threshold?

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Do you take drugs such as: corticosteroids, anticoagulants or immunosuppressants?

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Do you have any heart disease?

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Are you prone to skin infections?

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Are you ready to change your wardrobe to get more "piercing-friendly" clothes?

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Do you have any implants?

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What color metal will you be sliding into this piercing?

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Are you allergic to nickel or other metals found in jewelry?

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