Which Martial Art Should I Learn Quiz

You've decided you want to learn a martial art. But with so many different options available, which one should you choose? Take this quiz to find out which martial art is right for you!

There are many types of martial arts, each with its benefits and drawbacks. Some focus on hand-to-hand combat, while others teach how to use weapons. Some are more suited for self-defense, while others are designed for competition.

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1What is your primary goal in learning martial art?

Choose an answer
To become physically stronger
To become more confident
To learn self-defense
To compete in tournaments
None of the above

2What is your preferred method of training?

Choose an answer
Solo training at home
Group classes at a studio
Private lessons with a teacher
Online courses/tutorials
I don't know yet

3What is your preferred training environment?

Choose an answer
A traditional dojo with a formal atmosphere
A more relaxed and informal setting
I don't mind as long as I'm learning
I prefer to train outdoors
Somewhere else entirely (e.g. in the gym, at the park, etc.)

4Do you have any previous experience with martial arts?

Choose an answer
Yes, I've been training for years
Yes, I've tried it before but didn't stick with it
No, this would be my first time trying it
Perhaps once in childhood there were a couple of classes
I'm not sure yet

5When do you want to start training?

Choose an answer
As soon as possible!
Within the next few months
Later down the road, I'm not in a rush
I'm not sure yet
I'm not interested in training at this time

6What is your attitude towards competition?

Choose an answer
I love it and always strive to win
I don't mind it but it's not my primary focus
I'm not interested in competing at all

7Which of the following qualities do you value most in a martial art?

Choose an answer
Elegance and gracefulness of movement
Power and effectiveness in self-defense situations
Mental discipline and focus

8Which of the following statements best describes your personality?

Choose an answer
I'm very athletic and enjoy physical activity
I'm a natural leader and take charge when it's needed
I'm shy and prefer to stay in the background
I tend to get very emotional and react impulsively to things
I'm calm and level-headed, even in stressful situations

9Which of the following appeals to you most?

Choose an answer
Learning techniques that can disable an opponent
The discipline required to master a martial art
The feeling of empowerment that comes from knowing how to defend yourself
The opportunity to compete and test your skills against others
The history and tradition behind each martial art

10Are you looking for a martial art that emphasizes competition?

Choose an answer
Yes, I want to compete in tournaments and test my skills against others
No, I just want to train for fun/self-defense/fitness etc.
It doesn't matter to me either way

11How much time are you willing to commit to training?

Choose an answer
I can train every day if necessary
A few times per week is fine
Once a week is all I can manage

12What is your physical fitness level?

Choose an answer
I have some physical limitations that might affect my training
I'm reasonably physically fit and active
I don't care about my physical fitness, I just want to learn self-defense
I'm already in excellent physical shape
I'm not very physically fit, but I'm willing to work hard to get in shape

13What is your budget for taking martial arts classes?

Choose an answer
I can afford to pay for private lessons
I can afford to pay for group lessons
I don't really care about the cost, I just want to learn martial art!
Money is no object – I'll pay whatever it takes to learn the martial art of my choice!
I can't really afford to pay for lessons, but maybe if they're offered at a discounted rate or for free

14Which of the following qualities do you value most?

Choose an answer

15Do you prefer fast-paced or slower-paced activities?

Choose an answer
I like to move quickly and be constantly active
It doesn't really matter to me, as long as I'm enjoying myself
Anything that gets my heart racing
I like having time to stop and think before taking action
I'm not sure, I like both depending on my mood

16What is your ideal vacation?

Choose an answer
A quiet, relaxing trip where I can disconnect from the world
An adventurous trip where I can explore new places and try new things
A trip with my loved ones where we can create lasting memories together
Somewhere in between – not too loud or busy, but not too isolated either
I'm not sure, I like both depending on my mood

17Do you prefer to plan everything out in advance or go with the flow?

Choose an answer
I like to have a general plan, but I'm open to changes along the way
I like to have everything planned out so that I know what to expect
It doesn't really matter to me, as long as I'm having fun
I'm not sure, I like both depending on the situation
I like to wing it and see where the day takes me