Should I Be A Lawyer Quiz

There are many different types of lawyers, so the first step is to determine what type of lawyer you want to be. Do you want to be a corporate lawyer? A criminal defense lawyer? A family law attorney? Once you know what area of law you want to practice, research the specific requirements for that field.

For example, if you want to be a corporate lawyer, you'll need an undergraduate degree in business or economics. If you want to be a criminal defense lawyer, you'll need to complete a three-year law program.

Once you know what type of lawyer you want to be and what education is required, consider your personal skills and qualities. Are you good at public speaking? Do you have strong research and writing skills? Are you good at arguing? These are all qualities that will come in handy as a lawyer.

Think about your motivations for becoming a lawyer. Do you want to help people? Do you want to make a difference in the world? Do you want to earn a lot of money? Once you know what motivates you, research different law firms and find one that aligns with your goals.

If you're still undecided, take our quiz below to see if becoming a lawyer is the right choice for you!

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1You're at a party and someone spills their drink on you. What do you do?

Choose an answer
You brush it off and forget about it
You calmly tell the person that they need to apologize and offer to pay for your dry cleaning bill
You get mad and start yelling at the person

2You're in a meeting with your boss and they start yelling at you. What do you do?

Choose an answer
You do not pay attention, and calmly wait until he calms down
You yell back at them
You start crying

3Your best friend is going through a tough time. What do you do?

Choose an answer
You listen to them and offer advice if they want it
You ignore them because you're busy
You tell them to just snap out of it and stop feeling sorry for themselves

4You're at a restaurant and get your food, but it's not what you ordered. What do you do?

Choose an answer
You send it back and wait for the correct order
You start yelling at the waiter/waitress
You eat it because you're starving and don't want to wait any longer

5You're in a store, and you see someone steal something. What do you do?

Choose an answer
You call the police
You do nothing because it's none of your business
You stop them and tell them to put it back

6What's the best way to deal with stress?

Choose an answer
Listen to music
Talk to a friend
Work out

7Are you a morning person or a night person?

Choose an answer
Neither; I'm a zombie all the time
Night person
Morning person

8You're on the witness stand, and the prosecutor is trying to trip you up. What do you do?

Choose an answer
You stay calm and answer their questions truthfully
You get angry and start yelling at them
You start crying and can't answer any of their questions

9You're on the jury for a case and you hear evidence that the defendant is guilty. What do you do?

Choose an answer
You wait until all of the evidence is presented before making a decision
You tell the judge that you want to convict the defendant
You try to talk to the other jurors about convicting the defendant even though there isn't enough evidence yet

10One of your friends borrows $20 from you and promises to pay you back next week. A week goes by and they don't have the money. What do you do?

Choose an answer
Let it go – we're all friends here
Get angry and demand they pay you back immediately
Give them another week to come up with the money

11You're at work and your boss asks you to do something illegal. What do you say?

Choose an answer
You tell them you won't do it because it's wrong
You try to talk them out of it, but if they insist you'll do it
You agree to do it, but only because you're afraid of what will happen if you don't

12You're representing a client who is accused of embezzling money from her company. She admits she did it, but she says she was in a tough financial situation and needed the money to support her family. What's your strategy?

Choose an answer
You tell the jury that even though what she did was wrong, they should understand why she did it and empathize with her
You try to prove that the evidence against her is faulty and that she's actually innocent
You don't defend her actions, but you ask for leniency because this is her first offense

13You're at a party and someone makes an offensive joke. What do you do?

Choose an answer
You laugh it off and try to change the subject
You tell them how their joke is hurtful and why they shouldn't say it
You get offended yourself and start arguing with the person

14You're at a friend's house and they ask you to watch their dog while they go out of town. You say yes but then realize you're going to be out of town yourself the same time they are. What do you do?

Choose an answer
You tell them the truth and apologize profusely
You lie and say you'll be around
You offer to pay someone else to watch the dog

15A client comes to you and tells you that they want to divorce their spouse because they had an affair. What do you tell them?

Choose an answer
It doesn't matter if your spouse had an affair or not; marriages are hard work and sometimes people just fall out of love
It's not worth getting a divorce over something like that; everyone makes mistakes
I'm sorry to hear that; it must be really tough for you