Who Is Your Godly Parent Quiz

Disclaimer: This post is for fun and should not be taken too seriously!

Do you know which godly parent you would have if you were a demigod? Take this quiz to find out!


Pick the answer that you feel best suits you for each question. Be honest!

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1Who is your role model?

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Your father
A celebrity
A historical figure
Your mother

2What kind of emotions do you feel the most?

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3What is your biggest pet peeve?

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People who are late or don't keep their promises
People who talk too much or are always trying to be the center of attention
People who are always serious and never have any fun
People who are always trying to control everything

4Are you more logical or creative?

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Logical – I like things that make sense and follow a specific order
Creative – I like to express my ideas and be original
A little bit of both – I like finding creative solutions to problems
It depends on the situation – sometimes I need to be logical, and other times I need to be creative

5Choose a gift for your parents for a special occasion

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6What element of nature was passed on to you from your parents?

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7Your godly parents loved to read, don't you think?

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Definitely yes
They were not up to reading for sure
It's hard to even imagine
I don't think they were as good at this as they were at everything else

8How do you think the best trait was passed on to you from them?

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9Day or night?

Choose an answer

10Rain or sun?

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11Do you believe that change is always good or do you prefer things to stay the same?

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Change is always good – I like feeling like I'm constantly progressing and improving
Things should stay the same – I don't like feeling like everything is constantly in flux
It depends on the situation – sometimes change is good, and other times it's better to stick with what works
A little bit of both – I like some stability, but I also don't mind a little bit of change every now and then

12Which animal got along best with your parents?

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13What animal gets along best with you?

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14What is your idea of the perfect day?

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A day where everything goes according to plan and you get everything done that you wanted to
A day full of surprises and new experiences
A day where you get to relax and do nothing
A day spent with the people you love

15What are you most afraid of?

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Being alone

16Family or career?

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17What food preferences do you think your godly parents might have?

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