Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 9 Answers

Question Answers
Another word for yes-man is: sycophant
The needless repetition of an idea by using different but equivalent words is called a: tautology
Which of the following is the opposite of parochial? ecumenical
You might refer to someone or something that you especially dislike, dread, or avoid as your: bête noire
In sentence 5, dank means: damp
Which of the following words could not be used to replace fetid (sentence 5)? fragrant
An incubus (sentence 6) is a kind of: demon
If something does not bode well (sentence 8), it: is a bad sign
Something gargantuan (sentence 10) is: gigantic
In sentence 11, inveigled means: enticed


General tips: how to learn English from scratch

To start with, we want to give you some tips on how to better organize your lessons so that your efforts are not wasted. We recommend:

  • At least 2-3 times a week for 1 hour.
    Ideally, you should devote at least 20-30 minutes to English every day. However, if you want to take a day off, take it every other day, but double it up to 40-60 minutes.
  • Work on your speech skills
    Write short texts, read simple articles and news, listen to podcasts for beginners, and find a conversation partner to practice your speaking skills.
  • Put what you learn into practice right away
    Use the words and grammatical constructions you’ve learned in speaking and writing. Simple rote will not give the desired effect: the knowledge will fly out of your head if you don’t use it. Learn a dozen words – make a short story using this vocabulary, and then say it out loud. Learned Past Simple – write a short text using that tense.
  • Don’t spread yourself thin.
    The main mistake beginners make is trying to take as much material as possible and work with everything at once. In the end, the study turns out haphazard, you get confused by the abundance of information and do not see the progress.
  • Repeat what you’ve learned
    Don’t forget to review what you’ve learned. Even if you think you know the weather words by heart, go back to them in a month and see if you remember them all. It never hurts to review what you’ve learned.
The Hindu god Vishnu is most often associated with 10 _______
In all the great philosophies, we find common standards that must be regarded as __________
Our goal as a nation and as a society must be to free ourselves completely of the _______
Surely you can make an honest effort to please your employer w/o _________
You did nothing to help me, but now I have achieved some success, you have the gall to claim me as your _______
We can now recognize that many institutions that seemed, at a particular time, to be in their ______
When I saw the beautiful girl you had brought to prom, I understood the reasons for your smile of ________
The lowering clouds and mounting winds did not ____
I have no desire to be known as a nonconformist, but I am not going to allow fear of public disapproval to become my ____ _____
bete noire
My criticism of his statement is not merely that it is ______
The emergency room nurse is the very ______
His zest for life and his boundless optimism were expressed perfectly, it seemed to me, in his __________
In the twilight of her long career, she began to receive the _____
Her composition was seriously weakened by ___________
Scientists have for some time been correlating the functions of human consciousness with the neural ______________
The corporate _________
I was paid generously for my work, but the kind smile and gracious words were a delightful _________
I felt that I could not continue to live any longer in that ____
She was such a ________
When the sanitation strike continued into a 2nd week, people began to complain about the _____
After a long investigation, detectives arrested 2 con artists who had _________
The crashing thunder and piercing lightening seemed to summon an _______
Surrounded from childhood by flattering courtiers, the monarch grew to adulthood unable to distinguish a friend from a _________
the reporter _________
to choose giving over receiving is to receive eternal _________
an embodiment (as of a concept or philosophy) often in a person
a state of perfect happiness or blessedness
bete noire
someone or something that one especially dislikes
to be an omen of
unpleasantly damp or wet
worldwide or universal in influence or application