What Car Should I Buy Quiz

If you're in the market for a new car, you've probably spent hours online researching which one is right for you. But even with all that information at your fingertips, it's hard to know which car is the best fit. That's where we come in!

Take our quiz and get personalized recommendations for the perfect car for your needs. And if you're still undecided, we'll provide links to reviews and articles to help you make your decision. So what are you waiting for? Start the quiz now!

Your budget is an important factor in deciding which car to buy. If you have a limited budget, you'll want to consider a used car or a smaller, more affordable model. But if money isn't an issue, there are plenty of luxurious options out there for you!

The size of your family or the number of people you have to transport regularly is another important consideration. If you frequently drive solo or with just one other person, a smaller car will suffice. But if you have a large family or often need to transport multiple people, you'll want to choose a larger vehicle.

Similarly, the frequency with which you need to transport large items is something to keep in mind. If you only occasionally need to haul a big load, any car will do. But if you frequently find yourself transporting furniture or other large items, you'll want to choose a car with more space.

When it comes to driving in inclement weather or on rugged terrain, some cars are better equipped than others. If you live in an area with frequent snowstorms or unpaved roads, a SUV or truck might be a better option for you. But if you rarely encounter such conditions, any type of car will do.

Finally, your preferred driving experience is a personal preference. If you enjoy the thrill of a fast car, you might want to consider a sports car. But if you prefer a more relaxed experience, a sedan might be a better choice.

These are just some of the factors to consider when choosing a new car. By taking our quiz, we'll help you narrow down your options and choose the perfect car for your needs! So what are you waiting for? Start the quiz now!

What's your budget?

Choose an answer
No more than $25,000

How many people do you have to transport regularly?

Choose an answer
Only me
5 or more
1-2, but I will be carrying a heavy payload all the time

How often do you need to transport large items?

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Do you frequently drive in inclement weather or on rugged terrain?

Choose an answer
Very often

What's your preferred driving experience?

Choose an answer
Sporty and fast
Relaxed and comfortable
Efficient and practical
I don't really care, as long as it gets me from Point A to Point B
All of the above

Are fuel efficiency and emissions important to you?

Choose an answer
No, I don't care about that stuff
I'm not sure

Of the following cars, which one do you find to be the most appealing?

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How much do you know about car repair?

Choose an answer
I’m like an expert. I grew up with cars
I know enough to never feel sorry for myself
I have no time to learn about that
Not much. But I’d like to learn