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what country should i live in quiz

Tired of slush, gloomy sky and dull routine at work - there is a solution. Change your surroundings! Emigration or just a few months abroad will inspire you to look at things from a different angle (and understand where to go next). Take the test and find out which country is best for you.

At the moment, there are 195 independent countries in the world. Life in each country is good in its own way, but everywhere there are also disadvantages. What is good for one person will be innocent for another. Therefore, it is so important in life to find your place where you and your family will be comfortable and happy.

Probably the easiest way would be to open several "best country to live in" ratings and surveys, in which the countries with the best living standards have already been identified. Pick the ones you like best and find out a little more about them. Even better is to go to those countries and travel a little around them. However, in the current conditions of the global pandemic, not everyone may have such an opportunity.

Our test will help you determine the most suitable country for you.
Some advice based on common interests
If you like: fashion and a nice lifestyle; outdoors and fitness; you are quite romantic and love to party.
  • Australia - Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane
  • Europe - Numerous places.
  • UK - numerous places
  • USA - numerous places

If you feel sick & tired of USA:
  • United Kingdom
  • St Lucia.
  • Spain.
  • Australia.
  • Bulgaria or Croatia.
  • The Netherlands.
  • South Africa.

Do you like to travel?

Choose an answer

You finally get to take a vacation, but it’s raining all day, every day. How will you feel?

Choose an answer
I’ll feel really disappointed, and I’ll hope the sun comes back to dry off the rain.
Please be sunny immediately! I want to go out and have fun!
I can’t face being in the rain, but it’s is cool and comfortable indoors — I’ll just put my feet up there.
Yeah, it’s raining. Finally I can use my umbrella with the katana-shaped handle and wear my pink rain boots!

Which language do you know or want to speak?

Choose an answer
Only English

What about high altitudes?

Choose an answer
Can't deal with that
Don't care
Love it

Would you like to live in China?

Choose an answer
Not sure

How would you like to spend your free time?

Choose an answer
Debating sex, politics, art, and/or life over a glass of red
Grabbing my board and hitting the waves
Active leisure

What’s your work situation?

Choose an answer
I’m still in school but interested in studying abroad or taking a gap year.
I’m mid-career and concerned about job security.
I’m freelance – so pretty flexible.
I’m thinking about retirement or have already left the workforce.

Which season is your favorite?

Choose an answer

Who will you bring with you?

Choose an answer
My friends
My family
My love

In case of a family emergency, how quickly do you need to be able to get back?

Choose an answer
In 5 hours or less
In 10 hours or less
In 15 hours or less
Within 24 hours

What religion would you like to have around a lot?

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What kind of music do you enjoy listening to?

Choose an answer
Super upbeat feel-good pop
If I'm not dancing, it ain't working
No mainstream, I like it small and local
Just a man strumming an instrument, throat singing

What do you look for in a school system?

Choose an answer
Buddhist origins
The development of memory skills
Free education
A curriculum inspired by schools across the world

Which sport do you love the most?

Choose an answer
American football
None of these

What’s your opinion about celebrating Christmas in the summer?

Choose an answer
I’d like it, what with sweating Santa handing out presents on the beach! Bring it on! Let’s have Easter in the autumn and Halloween in the spring!
Christmas isn’t right without snow, sleighs and Christmas trees.
It doesn’t matter to me what time of year Christmas is; I just wish summer could be an endless season.

In which environment do you feel most comfortable?

Choose an answer
On a lonely deserted island.
On a farm where the nearest humanity is at least 10km away.
In a town close to friendly neighbours.
Among a crowd in the big city; there I can overcome any feelings of isolation.

You could eat/drink

Choose an answer
Meat of a seal or polar bear
Caterpillar and palm wine
Tea with milk, salt and butter

Looking through the window you'd like to see

Choose an answer
Blue water and palm trees
Vast empty ares
Grassy landscape

How important is voting to you?

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Not much