Which Bridgerton Character Are You?

Who Are You From Bridgerton?

To determine which Bridgerton character you are, take this "Which Bridgerton Character Are You Quiz." To find out, answer these brief questions. Now! Play it now!

Take our Bridgerton Character Quiz to discover which of the Bridgerton personality you resemble most! Set in Regency-era London, Netflix original period drama Bridgerton follows the exploits of a young Lord. The narrative revolves around 1813's high society social season. Though it isn't meant to be entirely accurate, the opulent environment presented here is rife with sparkling ballrooms, vast palaces, and all the drama and power struggles that result from them. Because of all of London's rigid conventions, the characters are never truly at ease. Since its debut, the show's whole concept has been extremely fashionable.

The series follows the eight children of the powerful family at its heart, the Bridgertons. The show's title is taken from a best-selling book series written by Julia Quinn and debuted on Christmas Day in late 2020. In its first 30 days on the site, it surpassed initial targets by 20 million household streams. The Bridgerton siblings are the driving force behind this program. Each of the eight siblings will be looking for love, romance, and adventure throughout the series. Have fun discovering which Bridgerton character you're most like!

How To Play?
Quizzes can be classified into many different categories, but this type of quiz attempts to find a match for your unique qualities. There is no wrong answer on this sort of question, so take a deep breath and try to select the answer that best reflects you. After you've all filled in your answers, we'll count them up and display your closest match using our algorithms. This kind of quiz is really entertaining for us to create because we like getting the correct response for you!

The Bridgerton Characters
The Bridgerton characters, including Phoebe Dynevor, Regé-Jean Page, Julie Andrews, and Jonathan Bailey, have helped the film succeed. It has also grown to be a favorite among the Google audience quickly based on the popularity of the Bridgerton novel and its television premiere.

1What will you choose?

Choose an answer

2What drink do you prefer?

Choose an answer

3Do you like to dance?

Choose an answer
Oh no, I better watch
Of course, because this way I can show myself
Yes, this is so much fun
No, but I need a boyfriend
I like to evaluate others' outfits

4Who was the wisest woman on the show?

Choose an answer
Lady Danbury
Lady Whistledown
Queen Charlotte

5Is it easy for you to invite a friend to a meeting?

Choose an answer
Yes if i have time
No problem

6If a prince comes up to you at the ball and offers to give him the first dance, what will you answer?

Choose an answer
I don’t need a prince for dancing, if I want to, I’ll dance alone
I will propose to take a walk under the moon before the dance I will refuse, let him suffer Faint / into his passionate embrace I don’t need a prince for dancing, if I want to, I’ll dance alone
Faint / into his passionate embrace

7Do you like beautiful images?

Choose an answer
This is my passion
No, but I think I must look beautiful
Yes, it's amazingly beautiful

8What is your attitude towards marriage?

Choose an answer
If you are going to marry, then to a prince!
I'd rather go to study away from home and the care of my beloved mother
I will marry only for love
Marriage is not for me, I prefer freedom in everything

9Do people need to know the truth?

Choose an answer
Of course

10Are you for justice?

Choose an answer
Everyone always comes back like a boomerang
Who needs it?
I think it's not bad

11What is your purpose in life?

Choose an answer
Life is a struggle and I always get my way
Be a princess
I think about it every day
To love and to be loved

12How do you see a potential groom?

Choose an answer
An educated man from a good family
A man of mystery, from whose gaze I faint
A charming and kind man

13Choose a location to have sex

Choose an answer
I have no interest in sex
Bold of you to assume that I've lost my virginity
Surprise me
In a luxury four poster bed of course

14Would you ever meet a suitor unaccompanied?

Choose an answer
Yes. I would probably be caught in the act if I'm honest.
No. I would never dream of such a thing
Maybe. It would be completely innocent though
I have no interest in suitors

15What turns you off about men?

Choose an answer
Arrogance and excessive pride
Bad manners and eccentricity

16What is the most important thing for you in a relationship?

Choose an answer
Well-being and stability

17If you were involved in a scandal, how would it be?

Choose an answer
I would never get into a scandal
I was accused of hunting rich men
My secrets were leaked to Google

18What hobby do you like?

Choose an answer
Horseback riding
Write poetry and novels
Spending time with friends

19Can you keep a secret?

Choose an answer
Yes. I could be a professional secret-keeper
No. Don't trust me with anything
I can keep my own secrets

20What do you love most about Bridgerton?

Choose an answer
The romance
The hunks and hotties
The sex scenes
The scandal
The royalty
The older characters
Julie Andrews

21At what age are you going to get married?

Choose an answer
When will they take