Which Danganronpa Character Are You?

This Danganronpa character quiz, unlike other Danganronpa-related quizzes, will help you determine which Danganronpa persona you resemble. The Danganronpa character quiz was created in such a manner that it guarantees precise answers. It all comes down to how you answer the questions in this highly entertaining survey.

It's a fun and unique approach to discover which Danganronpa character is more like you from the series. If you're a Danganronpa fanatic, try this fantastic Danganronpa character quiz to find out which one of the characters in the series you are!

Danganronpa is a video game series created by Kazutaka Kodaka and published by Spike Chunsoft (formerly Spike). The franchise focuses on a group of high school students who are forced to murder one another. Adventure, visual novel, and dating simulation gameplay features are included. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, the debut title in the franchise, was released for the PlayStation Portable in 2010.

The original scenario was written by Kodaka, who wanted to make a horror adventure game. The initial concept was rejected because it was too scary, but it was subsequently allowed after retooling. The series has expanded into manga, anime, and novels as a result of the change. Following their previous practice, Spike outsourced the production of this work to another country.

The Danganronpa series has received numerous positive reviews from critics, particularly the characters, tone, and atmosphere. Rui Komatsuzaki's character designs have been popular for cosplay since the series began. In creating an anime titled Akudama Drive based on Kodaka's work, Pierrot staff members were inspired by it. The Danganronpa franchise has sold over 5 million copies worldwide throughout history.

For example:

I am Makoto Naegi, the Ultimate Lucky Student! I was chosen by random draw to attend Hope’s Peak Academy — an elite high school. I have a kind of naive nature and it is this sweet honesty that makes everyone around me smile…including you! Do we share a similar personality? If so, take my quiz now to discover your inner Danganronpa character.

1You're caught up in another killing game with 15 frightened high school students. What step can you take?

Choose an answer
I reject the rules of the game! If we convince everyone not to play by the rules, then we can take on Monokuma.
It will be fun to watch others play, it should be interesting.
I'll try to get out, but later. You must wait for the right moment to do so.
W-what? What other game?! Nature gave me the opportunity to panic to the fullest, and I will panic to the fullest!
Now you need to try to find a way out or hiding places.

2How can I be described against the background of the rest?

Choose an answer
I'm a pretty quiet person
I will lead the investigation, the courts or just girls
I think there is some kind of entourage around my personality
Yes, I am the organizer of this game!
I'm just trying to rally the team so that it's easier for all of us

3You were suspected in court. What will you tell them?

Choose an answer
Makoto, tell them!
How could you think such a thing about me! I definitely didn't kill anyone!
*try to remember why I couldn't do it*
Hey, we shouldn't suspect a friend of a friend! Our hope is the only increase against Monokuma!
Uh, well, I don't know what to say…

4Izuru offered you to help her kill an innocent student. What do you say?

Choose an answer
I would never accept it
It sounds like a fun idea
I would run away

5Do you like to eat donuts?

Choose an answer

6Can we stay at school and not look for a way out?

Choose an answer
Of course no, then others will kill us all
They tell you about it
There is always a way out

7What will you do to achieve your goal?

Choose an answer
All that is needed. Lie and cheat and all that
I will go to the goal with small and honest steps

8How do you feel about Friday the 13th?

Choose an answer
I like it
It scares

9What can't you live without?

Choose an answer
Without friends
Without anime

10What is your favorite season?

Choose an answer

11Are you making fun of other students?

Choose an answer

12Would you sacrifice yourself for your friend?

Choose an answer
Yes. Without thinking.
It's hard to say

13School life goes on. What are you doing now?

Choose an answer
Looking for a way out
Supervise all students

14You're an athlete?

Choose an answer
I love to play sports, but would not call myself an athlete

15Which of the following deeds is the worst thing a human could do?

Choose an answer
Killing one's own friend
Remaining a weak person your whole life
Lying to your loved ones
elieving that good people go to heaven
Living a life in the shadows

16Do you think education is important for the future?

Choose an answer
Only some subjects

17In such a "killing" school, could the guys get knowledge?

Choose an answer
Yes, but why do they need them if they are forever locked?
Who really wanted, he would have received
They do not need them, the guys have talents

18Which character did you like the most?

Choose an answer
Mikan Tsumiki's
Tsumugi Shirogane
Byakuya Togami

19Which character did you like the least?

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Kokichi Ouma
Sakura Ogami
Shuichi Saihara

20What issue worries you the most?

Choose an answer
Why didn't the parents help?
How many people actually watched it?
Why didn't the government check the school?
Will there be a new season?
Everyone knows and loves this video game as much as I do?