Which Haikyuu!! Character Are You?

Haikyuu Quiz

Take this Haikyuu character quiz to find out which character you are. To figure it out, answer these brief questions.

The high school volleyball manga and anime series Haikyuu!! (which literally translates to "volleyball" in Japanese) is a big hit with fans, having spanned 45 volumes and three seasons. The narrative follows Shoyo Hinata, who became enthralled with volleyball after seeing it on television. After a crushing loss in his very first tournament, Hinata vows to defeat Tobio Kageyama as soon as possible, only to discover that he will be playing on the same team together in high school.

Hinata and Kageyama, on the other hand, form an unexpected but effective collaboration as they propel their team toward Nationals. Haikyuu!! is a great underdog story with fantastic characters, and now it's time to discover which one you identify with the most.

With the conclusion of Haikyuu!! in Chapter 402, the last arc, which carried the narrative into the future, is one of the series' finest features. This gives us a glance at all of the characters in the series and their post-high school lives. We find out how every prominent fan life would be if they kept playing volleyball outside of school or if they continued to play when we get to see them in this final book.

The conclusion of the series is a major update to the other Volleyball clubs in Karasuno, not just Shoyo Hinata and Tobio Kageyama. Continue reading to learn where the final chapter of the series ends with each member of Karasuno. Which Haikyuu character are you?

Sports anime have always been and continue to be well-liked! These shows capture the excitement, joy, and impossibility of animation in a way that few other programs can. Furthermore, we'll look at our favorite volleyball anime, "Haikyuu!!".

1How do you feel about studying?

Choose an answer
I hate it
I try to spend as much time as possible

2What is the most important thing in life for you?

Choose an answer

3What do you do most often in your free time?

Choose an answer
I read
Doing sports
I play video games
I spend time on social media
Listen to music

4What is your character?

Choose an answer
Cheerful and energetic
Calm and relaxed
Calm, confident
Friendly, with the character of a child

5Can you play volleyball?

Choose an answer
Yes, Oikawa taught me
I don't play sports at all
No. I don't like this sport
Not good. Although I'm still learning
I don't know, haven't tried it
One of my favorite

6How do you feel about Oikawa and Kageyama's hostility?

Choose an answer
What's the difference anyway?
This annoys me
I don't pay attention
I don't understand why this started
I don't like this Oikawa
I don't like this Kageyama

7What is your favorite volleyball team?

Choose an answer

8How old are you?

Choose an answer
Under 18
Over 18

9What would you do if you were at a volleyball camp by mistake?

Choose an answer
Pretend to be a manager
Would panic
Tell the first coach I see that I got here by mistake
Tell the first coach I see that I got here by mistake

10Who is your favorite player? (Doesn't depend on favorite team)

Choose an answer
Issei Matsukawa
Taichi Kawanishi
Takanobu Aone
TetsurĊ Kuroo
Kazumasa Hanayama
Haruki Komi

11How would you react if you met Kageyama?

Choose an answer
Tobio-kun! I have a positive attitude towards him, so I would be glad
No way. I don't think I would have recognized him at all
I would look at him with contempt
I would be glad. Familiar face
It doesn't matter how I feel about him
Hard to say

12Do you know all the rules and positions in the game?

Choose an answer
Of course I've watched the anime
I think everyone knows them
I'm just following the plot, but I don't remember anything
I know, but selectively
Sometimes I get lost and forget
Yes I know it best

13What do you think of group works?

Choose an answer
Depends on mood
Hate it
Great! I love doing things with a team!
That's ok, but if the group fails because of me I tend to feel bad
I don't like it, but I can tolerate it

14Are you able to control your emotions?

Choose an answer

15Are you a temperamental person?

Choose an answer
I'm not cold, but I'm not a very angry person either
Far from it. I'm often being told that I'm cold
A little bit, but that fuels my determination!

16What is your favorite episode?

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17Which episode is the funniest for you?

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