Which Joker Are You?

Find Out Which Version Of The Joker You're Most Like

Take this quiz to find out which version of the joker you are.

Out of all the Jokers out there, which one are you? Are you more of a Heath Ledger Joker? Or a Joaquin Phoenix Joker?

The Joker, in my opinion, may not be better or more enduring than him. The clown's 70-year history in comics has been unpredictable and original, smoothly moving from mobster to camp clown to homicidal maniac. That ambiguous quality has aided the Joker in being adapted for television, video games, animation, and film. Despite varied interpretations and appearances, there is something intangible yet instantly recognizable about the Joker that makes you know it is him immediately.

It's natural to wonder how you'd react in certain situations. If you were Batman or Lex Luthor, for example. Even the Joker is conceivable. Why would anyone want to be him? We didn't understand why someone would choose to be him, but it's a thing, so why not enjoy it? To assist you to decide which version of the Clown Prince of Crime you would be to harass and torment Batman, we've considered the most popular representations of him.

There are an infinite number of characters that have been played by him in the film industry. The Joker has become a rite of passage for serious method actors with the release of Joaquin Phoenix's new biopic about Batman's nemesis the Penguin. Some of cinema and television's biggest stars have donned white makeup and giggled maniacally at Gotham's Caped Crusader. If you tell us some information about yourself, we'll let you know which Joker actor you most resemble.

Just take a look at the questions below and get going... Don't forget to leave a comment with your answer!

1How do you describe yourself?

Choose an answer

2The main thing in business is ..

Choose an answer
Make a plan
Have fun from the heart
Become a common leader
Prove your case

3What is the ideal number of tattoos for you?

Choose an answer
7 and more

4What kind of transport do you prefer?

Choose an answer
I prefer walking
Retro car

5Your appearance ...

Choose an answer
I watch myself. Always neat and fresh
The figure is not perfect, but it is neutralized by stylish clothes
I am busy. There are more important things to do
The main thing is to have a stylish haircut and a beard

6The cops are chasing you! What weapon will you use?

Choose an answer
My gang will come to the rescue

7Have you ever dyed your hair?

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8Do you have piercings?

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9What will you choose?

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Be rich
Be poor
Get along cheap
What's the difference?

10Usually you were surrounded by ...

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Like you
Crazy constantly molested
I had no friends
Everyone's, both ordinary and strange

11What are your favorite photos with you?

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Where I was as a child, still happy
I do not like to be photographed
With a loved one
With family

12How much do you think you understand others?

Choose an answer
I understand well, but I, unfortunately, do not understand
I often do not understand other people's motives
So I understand, to be honest
I don't want to understand anyone, let them understand me!

13Choose an instrument...

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14If you suddenly became a philosopher, who would it be?

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I myself am a philosopher of norms

15The most destructive feeling is…

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