Which Snow White Character Are You?

Who Are You From Snow White?

Take this quiz to discover which Snow White character you are. If you appeared in the Snow White cast, this quiz will reveal your personality.

The blood desire, talking mirrors, and poisoned fruit are all features in the well-known and renowned fairy tale ‘Snow White.' However, what is Snow White's narrative, and who are the seven dwarfs? Is there a moral to it? And where did the fairy tale originate? A careful examination of Snow White's history reveals a sickening and nightmarish story that Disney had to cover up in order to make it suitable for family viewing.

In the early part of the 19th century, the Brothers Grimm brought forth "Snow White" as a narrative in printed works. The tale of Snow White is one of Grimm's most famous fairy tales. In the Grimms' version, the seven Dwarfs are unnamed and, more significantly, all versions of Snow White published up until around 1900 lacked them as well.

Walt Disney has a well-known reputation in the film industry for his first full-length animated feature, which was released by an American studio, when he attempted the biggest project to date. Since seeing a silent-film version of the famous tale in 1917, Disney decided that he would adapt the Snow White story to the screen.

However, the film was a commercial success, earning acclaim from innovative Russian filmmaker Sergey Eisenstein, who called it the greatest movie ever made.

In addition, in 1939, the film received a special Academy Award for "a significant screen innovation that has attracted millions and has been the pioneer of a new field of film pleasure." The unique animation, voiceover, and production quality are expected from all future Disney animated films. This version of the classic narrative, which gave dwarfs names and incorporated additional key elements into the tale. It's now virtually impossible to think about any other versions without thinking about this one.

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1Do you consider yourself kind?

Choose an answer
No, my world!
Good always comes back
Justice will prevail
There should be only good in the world
My owner is right

2Your fruit?

Choose an answer

3Which forest friend do you recruit to help you clean?

Choose an answer
Tweeting birds
A squirrel
A deer
A possum
A field mouse

4Your friend decided to fail his dream, what to do?

Choose an answer
Let him decide everything
I need to support and motivate him

5What's your favorite cartoon moment?

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6What's your scariest moment in a cartoon?

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7Is it easy for you to find friends?

Choose an answer
I don't know

8How strong are you?

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Like every self-respecting man
Strong? Maybe. More gentle and kind.

9What creatures do you fear?

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10Which dwarfs would you like to befriend?

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11If you had a throne, what statue would decorate it?

Choose an answer
Peacock statue
Eagle statue
Sparrow statue

12Are you following someone's orders?

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13Do you wear glasses?

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14What is your favorite sport?

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Field Hockey

15Do you believe in miracles?

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Only at Christmas

16Are heroes born or made?

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17What hero would you like to see in real life?

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