Am I Boring?

Take This Quiz To Find Out If You Are A Boring Person

It's not a question that you want to ask yourself, but it's one worth exploring. We all have times when we feel like our lives are mundane and unexciting, but is that really the truth? Or are we just looking at things from the wrong perspective?

Take this quiz to find out if you're boring! It's based on a scale from 0-100, with 100 being the most boring and 0 being the least. So how do you score?


In general, a boring individual is defined as someone with a dull personality who is lackadaisical in speaking and overly serious or banal.

However, each person's definition of "uninteresting" may be different. So one individual may appear tedious to you while another might view you as an enthusiast.

Boringness isn't always a negative thing. People who are boring are more easily amused and require less maintenance. It's actually more difficult to satisfy the demands of someone who isn't dull...but that is part of why people flock to them.

1During a casual conversation with a friend, who do you talk about the most?

Choose an answer
No one specific (it depends)
I usually prefer to listen
I talk about myself
I don't like talking

2Have you ever been on a zip line?

Choose an answer
I happily said no
Never had the opportunity

3What do you do feel when your friends want to talk to you about their problems?

Choose an answer
I listen carefully
I have no friends
I tell them I’m busy

4Is baseball more boring than other sports?

Choose an answer
It's not at all boring
It takes way too long. Faster would make it more tolerable
All sports are equally boring

5How often do you agree with what others say because you don’t want them to dislike you?

Choose an answer
I don’t know. Whenever I want to
It’s hard for me to say no
All the time

6Do people laugh at your jokes?

Choose an answer
Yes, every time
No, never
From time to time
I'm not telling jokes

7Who usually plans the parties in your friendship group?

Choose an answer
All of us (it’s a mutual decision)
Not me
I don’t have any friends
Always me

8Do you think other people find you boring?

Choose an answer
I don't know

9How easy is it to make you laugh?

Choose an answer
I laugh at anything and everything

10Do you go to parties?

Choose an answer
Yes, often
Yes, but rarely

11Do you enjoy comedy movies at all?

Choose an answer
It depends
I hate them

12Do you prefer company or being alone?

Choose an answer

13Do you have any hobbies?

Choose an answer
Yes, one or two
Yes, a lot of them

14How often do you use your phone while hanging out with friends?

Choose an answer
All the time
I have no friends

15It’s your birthday and your friends want to take you out for entertainment of your choice! How do you celebrate turning another year older?

Choose an answer
Visit a planetarium
Go out for cocktails, duh
One of those wine and painting classes.
Tailgate the big game. Go team!
None of this

16Do you travel?

Choose an answer
As often as I can!
Once in a while
I don't usually leave the house