Which Peanuts Character Are You?

Which Charlie Brown Character Are You?

Take this quiz to find out which Peanuts character you are.

Who doesn't adore Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang? Which of our favorites are you most like? Take this quiz to find out which Peanuts character you're most like!


Charlie Brown

You are a down-to-earth and practical person. You like to stick to the facts, and you're not one for making things up or being overly sentimental. You're also very friendly and likable - people are drawn to your optimistic attitude and a good sense of humor.


Linus van Pelt

You are an intelligent and thoughtful person who likes to think about the big questions in life. You're often seen as wise beyond your years, and people come to you for advice on important matters. You have a strong moral compass and hold yourself and others to high standards.



You are a fun-loving free spirit who loves to have a good time. You live in the moment.


The Peanuts character is as American as apple pie, but it still has something that connects us all, regardless of our background or mood. It's really one of the most brilliant cartoons ever made. The characters in this cartoon are some of the most creative and talented I've ever seen.

First, you have Snoopy, who is hilarious, fascinating, and wise; has there ever been a cartoon dog more endearing? I don't believe so. Then there's Charlie Brown, perhaps the most relatable comic character of all time. Come on, who doesn't cheer for Charlie Brown?

Then there's Lucy, who is grumpy most of the time but still endearing, and Linus, one of the most sensitive people in the history of cartoons. We haven't even mentioned a few other characters yet.

Charlie Brown's distinct charm is that, no matter how many times he fails or fails, he keeps trying. He doesn't seem to mind being known by the blockhead as a result of his name. He strives for continual improvement—to amaze us all, especially himself — and does not give up easily.

Charlie Brown is a fun guy, but his underdog and unstable persona make him seem like an outcast.

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1What dessert would you like?

Choose an answer

2Which character did you find the funniest?

Choose an answer

3Do you like to tease your friends?

Choose an answer

4Do you like to observe the world around you?

Choose an answer

5When you work, you like to...

Choose an answer
Work with a buddy or two
Make someone else do it for you; you have better things to do
Listen to music or watch television
Work alone and avoid all distractions

6Which GIF would you choose to chat with your friends?

Choose an answer

7Choose your favorite episode...

Choose an answer

8Are you being told that you're mean?

Choose an answer

9What is the best quality of a Snoopy character?

Choose an answer

10What is the best quality of a Marcie character?

Choose an answer

11What do you want to be when you grow up?

Choose an answer
I don't know
Anything musical/artsy
Something that will use my full brain power.
A pro sports player

12Which anime pet would you like to see?

Choose an answer

13What kind of pillow would you like?

Choose an answer

14Which of these holds the most importance in your life?

Choose an answer

15Are you good at responding to stressful situations?

Choose an answer
I try, but it doesn't always work
I don't have them
I think, yes

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