Can you match these prefixes, suffixes, and word roots with their definitions?


Eco = house, household

Aqua = water

eu = true, good

-logy = study of

a- (or an-) = without, lack of, not

trans- = across

bio = life

micro = small

-phyte = plant

macro = large



de- = from, out of, remove

sub- = under, below

omni- = all

zoo- (or zoa-) = animal

carn- = flesh

prim- = first

-vor = eat

hydro- = water

oligo- = few

herb- = grass



intra- = within

-cide = killer

hetero- = other

troph = food, nourishment

ultra- = beyond

inter- = between

photo- = light

therm- = heat

para- = alongside

auto- = self



moving: kin (or kinet) – This word root signifies motion.
under, below: sub. This prefix means under or below.
outside of extra. This refers to something which is outside.
enzyme: ase. The names of all enzymes end with the suffix ase.
milk: lac (or lact). Lac or lact prefix represents anything to do with milk.
sweet: glyc-. The prefix glyc signifies anything that is sweet in taste.
across: trans. Trans is used as a prefix to describe anything that is positioned across.
change, turn, move trop. The prefix trop is used to denote anything that is changing, turning or moving.
other: allo. This prefix is used to represent anything that falls in the other category.
heat: therm. The prefix therm always represents heat.



chromosomes: –ploid → diploid

first:  prim– → primary

both, double, two: amphi– → amphibia

behind: post– (or postero–) → posterior

same: homo– (or homeo–) → homeostasis

foot: –pod → cephalopod

joint: arthr– → cephalopod