Does My Dog Know I Love Him Quiz

Do you think your dog knows how much you love him? Take this quick quiz to find out!

In general, it is likely your dog knows that you love him! Dogs are very intuitive creatures and bond with their owners quickly. Chances are if you show affection to your dog frequently, he knows that you care about him deeply.

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1How old is your dog?

Choose an answer
Less than a year old
One to three years old
Three to six years old
More than six years old

2How often do you walk your dog?

Choose an answer
Once a day
Twice a day
A couple times a week
I don't have a dog

3What is your dog's favorite food?

Choose an answer
I'm not sure

4When was the last time you played with your dog?

Choose an answer
This morning
Yesterday afternoon
A couple days ago
I can't remember

5What time of the year do you enjoy playing with your dog the most?

Choose an answer

6Does your dog sleep in your bed?

Choose an answer
No, on a Dog Bed
No, on the floor
My dog doesn't sleep

7What is your dog's favorite toy?

Choose an answer
A ball
A rope toy
A stuffed animal
I'm not sure

8What is your dog's favorite activity?

Choose an answer
Going for walks
Playing fetch
Chewing on bones
I'm not sure

9Choose treats for your dog

Choose an answer

10Does your dog like to be petted?

Choose an answer
Yes, all over his body
Yes, but only on his head and back
No, he doesn't like to be touched
I'm not sure

11Does your dog like other dogs?

Choose an answer
Yes, he loves to play with other dogs
Yes, but he's a little bit shy around them
No, he doesn't like other dogs
I'm not sure

12How does your dog usually greet you when you come home?

Choose an answer
By jumping up and down and licking your face
With a wagging tail and a smile
With a toy in their mouth
By running away

13What is your dog's favorite time of day?

Choose an answer
I'm not sure

14Is your dog house-trained?

Choose an answer
No, but he's getting there
No, and he's not interested in learning
I'm not sure

15Choose a house for your dog

Choose an answer