Spirit Animal Quiz

What Is My Spirit Animal?

Take this quiz to find out your spirit animal.

The phrase "spirit animal" derives from Native American spirituality, and it is critical not to forget this origin. Many indigenous individuals wish that non-indigenous people would not imitate their traditional animal symbols like totem poles and pictographs to respect their culture. Take the time to learn what different animals represent in your society by investigating the spiritual significance of animals in a way that is honest to you.


Do you have a totem?

A totem is an object or creature that represents a person's spiritual connection to nature. Some people believe that their totems give them guidance in life and help them connect with the natural world. No one knows for sure if totems are true or not. That is up to you to decide.

Some people choose totems randomly, while others inherit them from their family. If you want to find your totem, there are a few things you can do. One is to look at the animals around you and see which one calls out to you. Another is to dream about an animal and then ask it for guidance.

Regardless of whether or not you believe in totems, it can be fun to select an animal that has special meaning for you and learn more about its symbolism. By doing this, you can connect with nature in a deeper way and develop a greater understanding of yourself and your place in the world.


You must understand that the way Spirit Animals, Totems, and Power Animals communicate with you is entirely unique. A Totem is an animal that has been assigned to you since birth - it has a soul contract with you and will have an impact on your life in terms of giving advice, healing, and support. A Power Animal is one who can help you through difficult times by utilizing his or her medicine or magic.

Remember that a Power Animal might say "no" for a variety of causes, but the key to all three is respect and acceptance. You're forming a connection with a Spiritual Being, which is sacred in nature.

There's no need to hurry it once you've completed the Spirit Animal Quiz and have a sense for what direction is correct. Consider how you would react if you met someone for the first time. Animals Totems and Guides benefit from this same cautious, kind demeanor as well. Pay attention. More than speaking, listen. And keep your eyes open.

Any number of allies might come in the form of advertising, a song, brand names, and bumper stickers. The objective is to find Animal's recurring performance that you cannot help but notice. If this creature was identified as your Spirit Animal during the test - you've got a winner!

1Do you like the blue color?

Choose an answer

2Are you lighthearted and fun?

Choose an answer

3Do you like the color green?

Choose an answer

4Are you a leader?

Choose an answer
Well, I don't know
Yeees, I am!

5Look at this picture and tell me if it makes you feel happy, sad or angry.

Choose an answer

6I feel at peace with myself most of the time.

Choose an answer
From time to time

7I frequently do things without a specific schedule or plan.

Choose an answer

8I like to be impressive to others.

Choose an answer

9The person you love reveals they have cheated on you. They apologize and promise not to do it again. You...

Choose an answer
Take a break from the relationship to think
Follow my gut
Remain calm and work through it
End the relationship

10In your friend’s opinion, what is your personality strength?

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Gentleness and grace
Having primal energy

11What is you favorite Chakra?

Choose an answer
Solar Plexus
Third eye
I don't know

12If I fail, I...

Choose an answer
I need a nap!
Do. Or do not. There is no try.
Never give up!

13My preferred way of transportation is...

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With my mind
By land
By water
By air

14I'm a natural born...

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Walk beside me and be my friend.

15What is your favorite time of year?

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