Servsafe Manager Practice Test


One of the FDA-recommended food safety responsibilities of a manager is:

Choose an answer
Making and approving staff schedules
Providing maintenance for the facility
Supervising food handlers to ensure hot and cold food holding temperatures are regularly monitored
Inspecting the quality of food items prepared off-premises for serving in the facility

How can a food handler reduce or eliminate the risk of food contamination?

Choose an answer
Washing their hands after using the restroom
Taking medication after visiting a sick friend
Storing cleaning products in easy-to-reach locations in the kitchen

How long should hands and arms be scrubbed during handwashing?

Choose an answer
5-10 seconds
10-15 seconds
15-20 seconds

Ready-to-eat food should NEVER be handled with bare hands in what situation?

Choose an answer
Ready-to-eat food should never be handled with bare hands, regardless of the situation
When there is not a proper hand-washing station available
When food is being served to a high-risk population, like children or the elderly

When should a delivery be inspected?

Choose an answer
After all products have been placed in their appropriate storage areas
When staff has time to inspect the delivery correctly
Immediately upon receiving the delivery

Why is it advisable to only remove the amount of food you can prep in a short period of time from the cooler?

Choose an answer
To prevent time-temp abuse
To prevent cross-contamination
To prevent excess food waste
To reduce clutter and mess on food prep surfaces

It is discovered that a steam table holding hot soup has broken down, and the soup may have been unheated for as long as 3 hours. What should be done with the soup?

Choose an answer
Reheat the soup to 135˚F and transfer it to a working steam table
Fix the steam table immediately and allow it to reheat the soup
Discard the soup, heat a new batch to 135˚F and place it in a working steam table

Performing procedural checks every shift to identify problems, and comparing and analyzing temperature logs each week are examples of which principle in the HAACP system?

Choose an answer
Principle 5 – Identifying corrective actions
Principle 6 – Verifying that the system works
Principle 4 – Establishing monitoring procedures

What can hand sinks be used for?

Choose an answer
Handwashing only
Rinsing fresh produce
Thawing frozen product
Rinsing bar towels and sanitizer towels

When heat sanitizing items, they must be submerged in water that is at least 171˚F for at least ______:

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10 seconds
30 seconds
60 seconds