Bob’s Burgers Quiz


Take this quiz to find out how well do you know the Bob's Burgers.

This comedy series will really hit and surprise viewers with its unexpected humour, new ideas and sparkling jokes, which are sure to lift your spirits and be remembered for a long time.

The main heroes of all the events taking place is the Belchkov family whose main goal is by any means to save their small business, namely the diner, which is on the verge of ruin. It turns out that a new holiday opening or even reopening falls on the day when Bob and Linda became man and wife.

Only the head of the family is so absorbed in his own affairs that he completely forgets about this date. Except that this idea is still on the verge of failure. And all because the sanitary inspection came to visit the diner, which made a very unpleasant and absolutely incredible suggestion that the meat from which make burgers and other snacks, here supplied from the located near the crematorium. Such unpleasant information is immediately flying all over the city, because where it is heard, what would be used in the preparation of food in the snack bars with human meat?

This is a huge blow to the reputation of an almost bankrupt cafe so that Bob had to make a lot of effort to restore his honest name. But this did not improve the situation with customers and profits. Also, Bob and Linda have three children who also get into trouble and unpleasant situations.

For some reason, they cause problems not only for themselves but also for the people around them. Tina suffers because of his adolescence, Jim is fully occupied with his music, and only Luisa tries as hard as she can to help her father. Only, no matter what she does, it all brings even more harm and trouble.

How well do you know Bob's Burgers Quiz

1Why Did Bob And Linda Record Themselves Sleeping?

Choose an answer
to see who snores the most
to see who talks in their sleep
to see who has been sleepwalking

2How Do Tina, Gene And Louise Try To Impress Santa?

Choose an answer
By putting on a musical show
By dressing up as elves and giving out presents
By fighting off some festive thieves

3How many kids do the Belchers have?

Choose an answer

4What is Louise's typical headwear?

Choose an answer
Top hat
bunny ears
sparkly headband

5Which of the Belcher children is a huge music fan?

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6Which of these words would Linda's sister Gayle use to describe herself?

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7What is the "Simpsons couch gag" equivalent for "Bob's Burgers"?

Choose an answer
the store next door
Bob's hair color
the family pet

8What business is always next door to the restaurant?

Choose an answer
funeral home
yoga studio

9Who's is Bob's rival?

Choose an answer

10How much does the burger of the day cost?

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11What company van that appears in the intro of the show?

Choose an answer
pets control
furniture delivery
animal control

12Which of the kids is most likely to don a hamburger suit?

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13Kuchi Kopi started off as a what?

Choose an answer
candy bar

14What does Hugo Habercore do for a living?

Choose an answer
health inspector
bus driver

15When Bob hides in the crawl space, Louise gives him her favorite nightlight. What's his name?

Choose an answer
Kuchi Kopi
Boo Boo

16What does Phillip Frond do for a living?

Choose an answer
school counselor
truck driver
health inspector

17Which of these is Bob allergic to?

Choose an answer
French fries