Should We Date Quiz

You've been eyeing that cutie in your class for a while now, and you're finally ready to make your move. But before you do, you want to be sure that this person is worth your time and effort. After all, dating can be complicated enough without adding any extra drama.

So how can you tell if the object of your affections is someone you should pursue? By taking our quiz, of course!

Just answer a few simple questions about yourself and your crush, and we'll let you know if it's worth making a move.

Do you think you should ask them out? Take our quiz and find out!

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1What is your ideal first date?

Choose an answer
Going to a romantic restaurant
Going on an adventure
Staying in and watching a movie
Going out with friends

2What are your thoughts on PDA?

Choose an answer
It's the worst
It's okay in moderation
Bring it on!
I'm not sure, it depends on the situation

3What do you like to do in your free time?

Choose an answer
Hang out with friends or family
Be productive and get things done
Relax and unwind
Pursue a hobby or interest

4Are you the type of person who is able to let things go easily?

Choose an answer
Yes, I don't hold grudges
Sometimes, it depends on how important the issue is to me
It's a mix, depending on the situation
No, I tend to dwell on things

5Do you think that you have a complex character, and you find it difficult to find people who understand you?

Choose an answer
Sometimes it's really a problem for me
Somehow I didn't think about it
Yes it's true
No, it's easy for me to communicate with people with whom it is interesting

6Are you looking for a serious relationship or something more casual?

Choose an answer
A serious relationship
I'm open to either, depending on the person
Something more casual
I'm not sure yet

7What are your thoughts on compromise?

Choose an answer
It's important in any relationship
Sometimes it's necessary, but I don't like to do it often
I'm not willing to compromise
It depends on the situation

8What is your idea of a perfect relationship?

Choose an answer
Where both partners are equally invested and working towards the same goal
Where there is mutual respect and understanding
I'm not sure, I haven't found it yet
Where both partners make each other happy and feel supported

9What are your thoughts on communication in a relationship?

Choose an answer
It's the key to a lasting relationship
It's important to be able to express how we're feeling
As long as we're both happy, there's no need to communicate
We don't need to talk, actions speak louder than words

10What is your idea of a perfect weekend?

Choose an answer
Being productive and getting things done
Relaxing at home
Going out and exploring new things
Spending time with friends and family

11Are you the type of person who...

Choose an answer
Needs to be in a relationship to feel complete
Wants to be in a relationship but doesn't need one to be happy
Thinks that being in a relationship is hard work
Finds relationships to be natural and easy

12Do you like spending time with your significant other or do you prefer having some space?

Choose an answer
I like spending time together
It depends on my mood
I need some space
I'm not sure, it depends on the person

13Are you comfortable with communicating your feelings?

Choose an answer
Sometimes, I have trouble opening-up
Yes, I'm very open
It depends on how well I know the person
No, I prefer to keep my thoughts to myself

14How do you deal with arguments?

Choose an answer
By trying to reason with the other person and come to a compromise
By walking away and cooling off first
By yelling and getting it all out in the open
It depends on the situation

15What do you think is the most important thing in a relationship?

Choose an answer

16Are you the type of person who believes in love at first sight?

Choose an answer
Yes! I believe that when you know, you know
No, I think you need to get to know someone first
I'm not sure, it's possible
It depends on the circumstances

17What are your thoughts on monogamy?

Choose an answer
It's important to be with one person and only one person
As long as both people are happy, anything goes
Monogamy is overrated
I'm not sure, I haven't given it much thought

18Why did your past relationship end?

Choose an answer
I have not had a previous relationship
He was to blame
I was to blame
We made this decision together

19When you think about a date, how do you feel?

Choose an answer
Butterflies in the stomach
Joy and excitement
Fear and indecision
It's a mix of everything, I can't figure it out

20What are you waiting for?

Choose an answer
Have a good time
Give yourself all the answers
Get to know the person better
Don't know

21What do you think, if you go, what could it be fraught with for you?

Choose an answer
Nothing special
I'm afraid to confuse myself even more
I'm afraid to fall in love
I'm afraid to hurry