Which Toy Boy Character Are You?

Take this quiz to find out which Toy Boy character you are.

Toy Boy is a Spanish drama produced by Atresmedia and Plano a Plano. It stars Jesus Mosquera, Cristina Castaño, and María Pedraza. It debuted on Antena 3 in September 2019 as Toy Boy, a Spanish drama from Atresmedia and Plano a Plano.

On February 1, 2020, it was confirmed that the series will return for a second season with Michele Morrone and Federica Sabatini joining the cast. On March 21, 2021, it was announced that Michele Morrone had to depart the show because of personal issues, and Álex González took her place.

You might be surprised at which character you end up being. Are you ready to find out?

1You've been offered a job at work with which you have very little chance of getting promoted. What will you do?

Choose an answer
I'll take this job and do it the best
I won't take it if it doesn't suit me
I love my job, so I will be happy with every case

2Do you like helping people?

Choose an answer
Only family and friends
If I see that they need it

3Where you could you easily stay overnight?

Choose an answer
Strip club

4Do you wear glasses?

Choose an answer
No, just for style

5Is it easy for you to learn dance?

Choose an answer
Yes, there is no problem
Sometimes there can be difficulties
I am the scriptwriter of all dances

6You know that your friend can be framed. What will you do?

Choose an answer
Maybe I am that friend
I would run quickly to him, tell him everything and help
I can do my best to hide something if needed

7Is it important to you that things are only original?

Choose an answer

8How do you feel about your past?

Choose an answer
The past is the past, you need to look ahead
Looking at what was there, in this past
I need to know everything that happened then

9Do you like tattoos?

Choose an answer

10You see that a person is afraid of you, what will you do?

Choose an answer
It's very suspicious, isn't it?
So this is my rival, I need to find out all about him
I'll catch up with him and ask what's the matter
Who can be afraid of me?
Afraid, let it be afraid

11How are you with money?

Choose an answer
Constantly missing
I make money in every possible way
I have my own business

12Can you trust?

Choose an answer
Sometimes I doubt it
Maybe yes

13Can you be called observant?

Choose an answer
Sometimes I don't see or notice what's going on right under my nose
Yes, I managed to catch my relatives in a lie

14Do you like short haircuts?

Choose an answer

15Which episode did you like and remember the most?

Choose an answer

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