Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 10 Answers

by Quizaza team | Last Updated: January 8, 2021
To redirect biological energy into a higher or more acceptable channel is to:sublimate
The total rejection of existing laws is known as:nihilism
Which of the following is the opposite of plebeian?patrician
Another word for mythical is:apocryphal
The word sic (sentence 2) is used to indicate that a word or other element in a text:was intentionally written so
If someone is adjudicating various matters (sentence 4), he or she is acting as a(n):judge
In sentence 5, fulsome means:inordinate
Which of the following could be used to replace mot juste (sentence 6)?exact word
In sentence 6, disparities means:incongruities
An anachronism (sentence 7) is an inconsistency in terms of:time