What Color Should I Paint My Room Quiz

You've decided you want to paint your room, but you can't decide on a color. What do you do? Take our quiz, of course! We'll help you figure out which color is perfect for your space with just a few questions. Trust us, this is way better than flipping through paint chips!

So what are you waiting for? Start the quiz and find your perfect hue!

If you're still undecided after taking the quiz, don't worry. There are plenty of other ways to choose a paint color. You could always go with a classic white or cream or opt for something bolder like teal or yellow. No matter what color you choose, painting your room is sure to give it a fresh new look.

Have you ever painted a room before? What color did you choose? Let us know in the comments!

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1What is your favorite season?

Choose an answer

2Do you want to paint your room this month?

Choose an answer

3Which of the following activities do you enjoy most?

Choose an answer
Going on adventures and trying new things
Spending time at home relaxing or reading a book
Going for walks in nature

4How adventurous do you consider yourself?

Choose an answer
I'm pretty open to anything
I'm up for trying new things but nothing too crazy
I love adventure! Bring on the thrills!

5Which of the following adjectives best describes your personality?

Choose an answer

6What is your ideal weekend activity?

Choose an answer
Going out and about exploring the city
Painting, crafting, or doing some other type of creative project
Going on a hike or spending time outdoors

7Which of the following words do you like the sound of most?

Choose an answer

8Do you prefer warm or cool colors?

Choose an answer
I like both!

9What statement best describes you?

Choose an answer
"I'm a night owl."
"I'm an early bird."
"I'm a social butterfly."

10How would you describe your ideal home?

Choose an answer
A cozy cottage in the woods
A modern apartment in the city
A rustic farmhouse in the countryside

11What is your favorite type of furniture?

Choose an answer
Antique and vintage pieces
Modern and sleek designs
Comfortable and practical furniture

12Are you more drawn to a tidy and organized space or a relaxed and cozy space?

Choose an answer
I prefer a tidy and organized space
I prefer a relaxed and cozy space
I don't know

13Who will be permanently in this room?

Choose an answer
I am alone
Me and my husband/wife

14Which of the following items would you most likely have in your home?

Choose an answer
Candles or plants
Artwork or books
A comfortable sofa or a cozy blanket

15Which room do you like the most?

Choose an answer

16Are you trying to make a statement or create a relaxing space?

Choose an answer
More of a relaxing space
A Statement