Should We Move In Together Quiz

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You've been dating your partner for a while now, and things are going great. The next logical step would be to move in together, but you're not sure if it's the right decision. To help you out, we've created this quiz. Just answer a few simple questions, and we'll tell you whether or not you should take the plunge!

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1You've been together for:

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More than two years
A year to two years
Six months to a year
Less than six months

2How often do you fight?

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All the time! It feels like you're constantly arguing, and you can't see eye-to-eye on anything
More often than you'd like, and it's starting to take a toll on your relationship. You're not sure how much longer you can go on like this
Occasionally, but you're usually able to work things out without too much trouble
Rarely, and it's never anything big. You usually resolve your disagreements quickly and easily

3Do you have common interests?

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Yes, you like doing many of the same things and enjoy spending your free time together
For the most part, but there are a few things that you like to do that your partner doesn't participate in (and vice versa)
Not really. You often find yourself bored when you're together because there's nothing to do
No, you can't stand spending any time with each other outside of necessity

4How well do you know your partner's family and friends?

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You feel like you know them almost as well as your own family and friends. They've welcomed you with open arms and treat you like one of their own
You know them pretty well. You've met most of their close family and friends and feel comfortable around them
You've met a few of their closest loved ones, but there are still many people in their life that you haven't met yet
You don't really know them at all. They keep to themselves and you've never even met their parents

5Do you have similar views on marriage and children?

Choose an answer
Mostly Yes
Mostly No

6Are you comfortable being yourself around your partner?

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Mostly Yes
Mostly No

7Do you love your partner?

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Yes, with all of my heart. I can't imagine my life without them
I care about them deeply, but I'm not sure if I'm in love with them
Yes, but there are times when I wonder if we'd be better off as just friends
No, I don't think I've ever really loved them. Maybe I did at one point, but not anymore

8Do you see yourself with your partner in the long run?

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Yes, I can't imagine my life without them
For the most part, but there are a few things that make me question whether or not we'll still be together
No, I don't really see myself with them in the long run. We just don't seem to be compatible
No, and I don't think I ever will. We're just too different and I can't see us making it work long-term

9What is your overall opinion of your relationship?

Choose an answer
It's amazing! You couldn't ask for anything more
It's good. You have your ups and downs, but overall you're happy with where things are at
It's okay. You're not really sure what you want or where things are going, but you're just going with the flow for now
It's bad. You constantly find yourself arguing and you're starting to wonder if it's even worth it anymore

10What is your biggest fear in this relationship?

Choose an answer
That things will change and you'll grow apart
That you'll never be able to fully trust your partner
That you'll end up getting hurt in the end
That this relationship will never improve and things will just keep getting worse

11Do you have similar lifestyles?

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Yes, you both like to live a relatively low-key life and don't need much to be happy
Somewhat, but there are some differences. For example, you might like to go out clubbing on the weekends while your partner prefers to stay home
It's hard to say because you live very different lives and rarely see each other outside of work or school
No, your lifestyles are completely different. You might be a party animal who loves to drink and socialize while they're a homebody who likes peace and quiet

12Do you respect each other?

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Yes, you have a great deal of respect for each other and always try to treat each other fairly
Mostly, but there are times when one of you doesn't act very respectful towards the other
No, there's very little respect between you and it often feels like a power struggle
Absolutely not. You can't stand each other and are always trying to one-up or put each other down

13Do you communicate well with each other?

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Yes, you're both very open and honest with each other about your thoughts and feelings
For the most part, but there are some topics that are off-limits or make one of you uncomfortable
No, it's hard to have a serious conversation without arguing or one of you getting offended
Almost never. You can't even remember the last time you had a meaningful discussion with your partner

14Do you spend most of your time at your partner's place or vice versa?

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15Do you have similar living habits?

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