What Tame Impala Song Am I Quiz?

If you're a fan of psychedelic rock, then you've probably heard of the Australian band Tame Impala. The group is well-known for their mesmerizing and mind-bending music, which has landed them a spot on Rolling Stone's "50 Best Albums of the 2010s So Far" list.

But how well do you know their music? Take this quiz to find out which Tame Impala song you are!

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1What kind of music do you usually listen to?

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Indie/Alternative Rock

2How do you feel about love?

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It's not real, it's just something that people have made up to sell cards and flower
It's beautiful and pure, but sometimes it can be painful too
It's fun and exciting, but it's not something I'm looking for right now
Love is everything, and I'm ready to find my true soulmate

3What's your favorite type of food?

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Anything spicy! I love feeling the burn in my mouth
Sweets! Give me all the chocolate and candy
Healthy, but tasty. I love finding new recipes to try out
I'll eat anything, as long as it's filling

4Which of the following words describes you best?

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5What song makes you think?

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"New Person, Same Old Mistakes"
"Breathe Deeper"

6It's a beautiful day outside. What are you doing?

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Going for a walk or run
Sitting on a park bench, people watching
Visiting a friend or family member
Going out to eat or drink with friends

7If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

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Super strength

8What's your favorite animal?

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I don't really have a favorite

9You've just been given a blank notebook. What do you do with it?

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Fill it with stories or poems
Draw pictures in it
Use it as a journal
Give it away to someone who will appreciate it more

10Which song is associated with something pleasant for you?

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"One More Year"
"My Life"

11What is your favorite season?

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12Day or night?

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13Soda or coffee?

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14What kind of food do you like to eat?

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Fast food
Chinese food
Italian food
Indian food

15What song inspires you the most?

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"One More Hour"
"Is It True"
"Lost In Yesterday"