What Lana Del Rey Song Are You?

You could be the cool, detached "Video Games," the dreamy "Ride," or the sultry "Summertime Sadness." Take this quiz to find out which Lana Del Rey song you are!


Just answer a few questions, and we'll tell you which Lana Del Rey song you are. Be sure to listen to each of the songs before taking the quiz so you can get an idea of what we're talking about. Good luck!

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1What kind of person are you attracted to?

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Someone who is ambitious and hardworking like me!
Someone who is spontaneous and up for anything!
Someone who is sensitive and romantic
Someone who is funny and makes me laugh

2What's your favorite type of movie?

Choose an answer
A romance
A comedy
A drama
A horror film

3What's your biggest fear?

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Not being good enough
Dying alone

4What kind of animal do you want to be?

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5Which of the following words best describes you?

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6On a Saturday night, you are most likely to be found...

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Out on the town with friends, dancing the night away
Curled up at home with a good book and a glass of wine
Enjoying a romantic dinner for two
At a party, mingling with new people

7Choose the most suitable breakfast for you

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8In your opinion, love is...

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Something that should be cherished and treasured forever
Beautiful but fleeting
Worth fighting for, no matter what
A source of pain and suffering

9Which of the following adjectives best describes your fashion sense?

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Classic and timeless
Boho and carefree
Sleek and sexy
Glam and over-the-top

10What's your favorite type of clothing to wear?

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Something comfortable, like jeans and a t-shirt
Leather or denim jackets
A dress or skirt
Sweaters or hoodies

11What's your favorite color?

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12What's your ideal vacation spot?

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The beach
The city
The mountains
Anywhere as long as I'm with my friends or family

13What is your favorite type of book?

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14How would you describe yourself?

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Misunderstood and unique
Confident and alluring
Carefree and whimsical
Down-to-earth and level-headed

15Which of these songs have you listened to the most?

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Summertime Sadness
Brooklyn Baby
Cinnamon Girl

16Choose the party you would like to attend

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17Choose a waffle for dessert

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