What Type of Wine Are You?

Take this quiz to find out what type of wine you are.

Wines are classified into five categories: red, white, Rosé wine, sparkling wine, and fortified (or dessert) wine. Within each category, there is a great deal of variance in terms of style, depending on the component grape of the wine, its locality, and the winemaker's art. This variety and inventiveness inform people's lifelong passion for wine regardless of personal taste.

What Type of Wine Is Your Personality?

The Stoic: Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Kickstarter: Sauvignon Blanc.

The Connoisseur: Chardonnay.

The Mediator: Merlot.

The Romantic: Pinot Noir.

The Conservator: Malbec.

The Adventurer: Riesling.

The Imaginative: Moscato.

The Indulgent: Gewürztraminer.

Don't be scared - the goal of this quiz isn't to label you, but to see how comfortable you are with strong or complicated tastes and experimenting with new dishes. We understand that you may have more than one response to a question or that your replies might vary depending on the season. But please, choose just one answer.

1What's your go-to comfort food?

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2How often do you like to partake in activities that involve drinking alcohol?

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On weekends
Whenever there's a social gathering
Only on very special occasions
Everyday is a good day for a drink!

3What are your favorite types of dessert?

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4How would people describe you?

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Old-fashioned and traditional
Sophisticated and mysterious
Confident and assertive
The life of the party

5How would you like to spend a Friday night?

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Performing in a show or giving a lecture
Spending a night on the town with friends
Attending an art gallery opening Watching classic movies at
Watching classic movies at home

6What’s your dream vacation?

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Vineyards in Barolo, Italy
Backpacking through Europe
Tripping across USA
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

7Which of these cheeses do you like the most?

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8If you occasionally drink cocktails or distilled spirits, which would you be more likely to choose:

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Bourbon or Scotch
Mai Tai/Cosmopolitan
Sparkling wine
Rarely or never drink cocktails or distilled spirits

9Choose a fruit

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10Of the below, which describes your favorite scent?

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Caramel, chocolate
Grassy, herbal
Woody, earthy
Floral, fruity

11Do you prefer white or red?

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12When you dine out casually during the month, which of the following best describes your preferences:

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I go to a few specific restaurants i like and usually order the same dish as i have had before at that restaurant
I like to go to restaurants or clubs where I am likely to know many of the people dining there
I dine at quite a few different restaurants and like to try every new one at least once or twice
I infrequently dine out, perhaps only a several times a month or less