Which Lord Of The Rings Character Are You?

Take this quiz to find out which Lord Of The Rings character you are.

The Lord of the Rings is an epic high fantasy work by J.R.R. Tolkien that was later expanded into a trilogy after its publication as a single volume. The tale began as a sequel to Tolkien's earlier fantasy novel The Hobbit, but it soon blossomed into a much larger narrative.

It was written in stages between 1937 and 1949, with the majority of it being composed during World War II, and was first published in three volumes in 1954 and 1955. It has since been reprinted numerous times and translated into at least 38 different languages, making it one of the most well-known novels of the twentieth century.

The action in The Lord of the Rings takes place in what Tolkien conceived to be the real Earth's countries, which he imagined to be inhabited by humans but set in a made-up past before our history but after the fall of his version of Atlantis, which he called Numenor. Middle-earth is an English term that translates Old English Middangeard and was given by Tolkien to this location.

See the questions below and enjoy one of the best quizzes in the history of online quiz games! Find out which character from this beloved trilogy you are most like.

1What can make you angry?

Choose an answer
When my friends are hurt
When they don't hear me, and I'm obviously right
I am often annoyed by something insignificant, but I am easygoing
Stupid mistake
Disrespectful attitude towards me
When someone tries to steal my rings.

2The most important in life?

Choose an answer
Simple joys and well-being of my loved ones
Fight for what you think is right
I don't know… enjoy life?
Do not shame your loved ones and be a brave person
Fulfill my destiny, which I have chosen for myself
Rise above the environment or improve your position

3What keeps you going through difficult times?

Choose an answer
My mind
The thought that it is useless to complain about the fact that I was not lucky, but I just need to do what is in my power
My roots and pride in myself
There is always something in the world for which or for whom it is worth fighting
The certainty that I can't give up and let myself be broken
Even in bad times, you can find something to please yourself: delicious food, for example, or a pleasant conversation with friends

4Faced with the enemy...

Choose an answer
I will destroy it
If there is an opportunity, I will regret it
Run away from him
I will not succumb to his manipulation and intimidation
I will try to hide, but if he threatens my friends, then I will fight to the death
I do not make enemies, but if someone attacks me, let him blame himself

5Are you attracted to power?

Choose an answer
Oh yeah
Both attracts and repels: after all, with its help, you can change the world for the better. But I know that she will spoil me quickly
My first impulse is to destroy an artifact that would bestow power on someone
It has its charms, of course, but it doesn't interest me much
She has corrupted many good people and I would rather stand up to those who have been blessed with her
I feel sorry for the people who have been given and corrupted by power. I won't take her in my arms

6How would you react if you were offered a serious promotion at work?

Choose an answer
I need to finish the year project, and then go on vacation, I don’t know anything
Oh, well, of course, I think, but I agree
No, I don't like first roles, I'm comfortable in my place
I'm already the boss
I'm so burned out that I definitely deserve it
What a promotion, I'm a freelancer

7What will you choose from the presented food?

Choose an answer
Anything Vegan
Goblet of wine
Hearts of Enemies
Can I add salad to fried potatoes?
Fried potatoes

8What do you value most in people?

Choose an answer
Blind faith in me
Ability to change for the better
Willingness to take the blows of fate
The ability to be friends
The main thing is to be a good person

9Your friend fell into a transparent swamp, what will you do?

Choose an answer
I will use the power of Galadriel's phial to drive away the ghosts, and then I will pull my friend out of the water
Jump into the swamp and save it
I'll throw a rope, let him get out
I'll dry up the swamp with magic
Gather the brotherhood to help
Let it sink, it was still useless

10They call you "Mithrandir"?

Choose an answer

11Are you the chief advisor to Elrond's?

Choose an answer

12Do you love decoration?

Choose an answer
No, but I have to wear it

13You were walking across the plain and met a detachment of Urukhai. What are your actions?

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I'll set up an ambush, shoot a thousand orcs with a bow, and finish off the survivors with a sword
I'll put on a cloak and pretend to be a stone
I'll put on the ring and go into stealth mode

14What will you do if you find something of value?

Choose an answer
I'll try to find the owner
I will find a keeper for this thing
I'll leave the thing where I found it – suddenly the owner will return

15Are you good at asking for help?

Choose an answer
Yes, but I prefer to do it myself
Yes, I always say if I need help
No, because no one can do something better than me

16What is the worst for you?

Choose an answer
Get hungry

17Do you travel often?

Choose an answer
No, travel is so tiring
I take one big trip once a year
I try to go to a new place every year

18How do you feel about spending the night in a tent?

Choose an answer
I do not mind, although I am not enthusiastic about this idea
I prefer to find something more reliable – sleeping bags are not for me
Well, the longer the better

19Are you brave?

Choose an answer
Yes, there are few things that scare me
Everything depends on the situation
Well, how can I say … When, how!

20Choose a vehicle

Choose an answer
There is no suitable one here
Own legs

21What Picture do you like the most?

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22Would you like to become an archer?

Choose an answer
I don't care

23Would you like to be a magician?

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