Which Big Bang Theory Character Am I?

Take this quiz to find out which Big Bang Theory character you are.

The Big Bang Theory is a comedy television series created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper, two physicists at Caltech, live together in Pasadena, California.

Penny, a waitperson and aspiring actress who becomes a pharmaceutical salesperson and resides across the hall; and NASA's similarly geeky, socially awkward pals and coworkers Leonard Hofstadter and Raj Koothrappali, among others.

If you're a lover of The Big Bang Theory, you've probably wondered what it's like to be a part of the Sheldon and crew universe. Would you have Leonard's patience? Raj's compassion? Bernadette's remarkable comprehension? If you've ever pondered which Big Bang Theory character you resemble most, try this entertaining and informative quiz that we developed especially for you.

1Do you find it difficult to get along with members of the opposite sex?

Choose an answer
Yes, it is difficult
Perhaps not easy
No, it's easy

2Male or female?

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3Which of the following do you expect from women in the first place?

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Eccentricity and intelligence
Logic and charm
Sense of humor, love and sincerity

4Do you consider yourself a person who easily makes contact?

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Yes, I think
I don't think I'm very social

5What allows a person to become the soul of the company?

Choose an answer
Exquisite clothing style
Show how much you know
Good time to discover yourself
Humor, of course
Extraordinary thinking!

6What is the main criterion of a true scientist?

Choose an answer
The desire to be better than the rest
An inquisitive mind and the desire to comprehend new things
The desire to receive the Nobel Prize and universal respect
I don't know
High level of intelligence

7If you encounter unexpected difficulties, what do you usually do?

Choose an answer
Looking for a way to overcome obstacles
I think what would be the best solution
I think I will not waste my energy and give up plans

8Are logic, mathematical character and creativity compatible?

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9Schrodinger's cat is...

Choose an answer
Cat breed
Thought experiment
Experiments on animals
Physical formula
Just a cat

10In the future you dream about:

Choose an answer
Cool creative career
Big happy family
Freedom and travel
True love
Nobel Prize

11Have you dreamed of becoming an actor?

Choose an answer
Science is more interesting
Actresses are probably still those lighters. If only I could meet at least one in the club

12Do you play cello?

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13Who is the worst character for you?

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George Cooper Jr.
Jesse Heiman
Katee Sackhoff
Debbie Wolowitz
Dennis Kim

14Who is the best character for you?

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15What area of physics do you like the most?

Choose an answer
Theoretical physics
Experimental physics
I hate science and everything connected with it, it's terribly boring
I like science, but I prefer not physics, but anything related to biology / chemistry

16Do you trust more

Choose an answer
Your premonitions
Your experience

17How do you react to sarcasm?

Choose an answer
What's this? And how do you know when it's present?
I also answer using it in speech

18What does a glass of alcohol do to you?

Choose an answer
I instantly turn into the best womanizer
Gives confidence
What can just one glass do?
The main thing is that there was no lactose
Gives strength to calculate your theory

19If you have to do unusual work, you'd better:

Choose an answer
Plan it in advance
Find out what needs to be done as you work

20You tend to make choices

Choose an answer
Rather cautiously
Suddenly and impulsively

21When you know that at a certain time you will be doing a certain thing

Choose an answer
Are you glad you can plan your time
It annoys you that you are connected with something

22What is "order" for you?

Choose an answer
When things are in their designated places
When things are convenient, "at hand"
Depends on the complexity of my work

23Which episode did you like the most?

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