Which The Wheel Of Time Character Are You?

Take this quiz to find out which The Wheel of Time character you are.

Robert Jordan began a long series called The Wheel of Time in 1990. For the next seventeen years, readers were immersed in eleven novels of intricate and massive narrative. Robert Jordan died owing to cardiac amyloidosis on September 16th, 2007. Mr. Sanderson, another fantasy author and Wheel of Time fan, completed the journey for Brandon Rigney, Robert Jordan's wife, and editor.

Are you Egwene? Rand? Perrin? Nynaeve? Mat perhaps? Elayne is lovely. Warrior Aviendha, or Beautiful Elayne? You could be anyone! But which one are you? There's just one way to find out. Take this quiz right now., right now!

The Wheel of Time is one of the most famous and influential epic fantasy series ever written. His world is not only intriguing, but it's also well-designed, as is his The Wheel of Time characters. You're probably a little nervous right now.

1Which Ajah would you like to be?

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Red Ajah
Green Ajah
Gray Ajah
Brown Ajah
Yellow Ajah
Blue Ajah
White Ajah

2What Aes Sedai talent would you like to own?

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Aligning the Matrix
Blood Boiling
Cardiac Arrest
Cloud Dancing
Cuendillar creation

3How do you feel about the moment when Moiraine Damodred first came to the village?

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Expected moment
It was exciting, I immediately realized that this was a good sign
It was a little scary, no one knew what to expect from her

4Your friend needs help, what will you do?

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I will help with all my might
I will help all those in need, friends first of all
I will save all my friends, and then ask them to worship me
I will save myself first

5What were your feelings when the trollocs attacked the village?

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I knew right away that it would be interesting
I realized that the dragon is really in the village, otherwise they would not have come
Terrible, they are so ugly

6What were your feelings when you saw him?

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Thought he might wish me well
What the hell is this?
What the hell?
What a freak! Where else did it come from?

7How did you react to the dragon story?

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Believed of course
There were doubts
Treated it with disbelief
Didn't believe a bit
There was no way out, I had to believe

8Who would you like Egwene to be with?

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9Was it expected that Nynaeve could not only hear the wind?

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No, absolutely
I thought that she would support the guys
No, but I was glad that she was able to escape the trollocs

10What character is Loial for you?

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It can be seen that he is wise and knows a lot of stories
Normally, I felt that harm should not be expected from him

11Which episode was the most emotional for you?

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12Would you like to meet Min and have her tell you about your future?

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13Do you think Mat did the right thing when he didn't go out with his friends to find out who the dragon is?

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It was his choice
No, he set everyone up
He had the right to refuse to go with everyone, but it was possible to warn friends about this
Friends don't do that

14Who do you think is the most courageous?

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15How much are you looking forward to next season?

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I think about him every day
Just waiting
I'm really looking forward to the new season
I'll watch it with pleasure
I don't wait much
Wish it came out soon
It doesn't matter when it comes out, the main thing is that it was filmed well