Which “Euphoria” Character Are You?

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You may think you know who you are, but do you really? Take this quiz to find out which "Euphoria" character you are!

Are you ready to find out? Let's go!

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Which of the following statements best describes you?

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I am always up for a good time no matter what.
I like to be in control and plan everything out.
I'm a bit of a loner and prefer my own company.

What is your ideal Saturday night?

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Going out clubbing with my friends.
Staying in and watching a movie.
Going to a party or bar.

What kind of person do you usually attract?

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Bad boys/girls who are a bit wild.
People who are intelligent and can keep up with me.
Someone who is laid-back and easygoing.

What are you most afraid of?

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Getting hurt emotionally.
Not being good enough.
Being alone forever.

What is your idea of the perfect relationship?

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No strings attached – just fun and games.
Something that is built on trust and communication.
Something that is comfortable and easy.

What would you do if you heard your best friend had kissed your significant other?

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I would go and beat their ass (bsf)
I wouldn't say anything, just stop talking to them
I would start sobbing loudly
I'd go and hear them out. Maybe they have an explaination

What would you say is close to what you think when you're putting on clothes?

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Just want to show off my body, because it deserves to be seen
Sometimes I get too insecure to wear what I want
I'm adventurous
I just want to be comfy

Have you ever bullied someone?

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Yeah, I can be pretty mean. But that's just how I am
I tease people sometimes. I think some of them took it personally
No, definitely not

Choose a pet:

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You are good at:

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I'm good for nothing!