What Color Is My Aura?

If you're like most people, you've probably wondered what color your aura is. There are a few different ways to find out, but the easiest is to take a quiz. Quizaza offers a free Aura Color Quiz that only takes a few minutes to complete. Simply answer a series of questions about your personality and preferences, and the quiz will reveal your aura color.

So what does your aura color say about you? Each color has its own meaning, so it can give you some insight into your personality and traits. For example, if your aura is green, it means you're likely to be creative and intuitive. If your aura is blue, it means you're likely to be calm and compassionate. And if your aura is pink, it means you're likely to be loving and charming.

Take the quiz now to find out your aura color and what it says about you!

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1How do you usually spend your free time?

Choose an answer
Hanging out with friends or family
Doing something creative, like painting or writing
Going on adventures
Relaxing at home

2Are you usually more spontaneous or more planned?

Choose an answer
It's not always the same

3If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?

Choose an answer

4Do you prefer to stick to a routine or mix things up?

Choose an answer
Mix things up
Stick to routine
It all depends on the day and my mood

5What's your favorite season?

Choose an answer

6How do you feel about public speaking?

Choose an answer
Love it
Hate it
Don't mind it too much

7If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Choose an answer
Super strength

8What's your ideal career?

Choose an answer
Something that's stable and secure, with good benefits
Something that allows me to help others and make a difference in the world
Something that I'm passionate about and can see myself doing long-term

9Do you believe there's life on other planets?

Choose an answer
Yes, definitely! Somewhere out there, there has to be another intelligent species!
No, I don't think so. If there was, we would have found it by now
Maybe? I feel like anything is possible and science is making so many leaps and bounds. Who knows what we'll discover next?
I haven't given it much thought

10Do you believe in ghosts?

Choose an answer
I'm not sure

11How do you feel about change?

Choose an answer
Change is great! It keeps things interesting
I don't mind change, as long as it's not too drastic
I don't like change at all. Why fix something if it isn't broken?
Again, it depends on the situation

12How do you feel about being in large groups of people?

Choose an answer
It depends on the group of people
I don't mind being in large groups but prefer smaller ones
I love being in big groups! The more, the merrier

13How do you feel about taking care of yourself?

Choose an answer
You make self-care a priority and are always looking for ways to improve
It's important to take care of yourself, but it's not always easy to do
It's something you're working on – you know it's important, but it's a process
You're pretty good at taking care of yourself, but there's always room for improvement

14What is your ideal relationship?

Choose an answer
A relationship where you can be yourself and feel loved and accepted for who you are
A creative and exciting relationship, with lots of new experiences shared between partners
A supportive and stable relationship, with plenty of time spent just enjoying each other's company

15Are you often late?

Choose an answer
Never, I'm always early or on time
Sometimes, if I've overslept or there's traffic
Yes, all the time! I'm always running behind schedule

16What are you usually like around other people?

Choose an answer
Pretty independent – you don't mind spending time alone but enjoy being around others
Friendly and sociable, but happy doing things independently
The party's life is always up for a good time
A bit shy or reserved at first, but once you get to know someone, you're chatty and outgoing

17Can you keep your sanity in difficult situations?

Choose an answer
Most of the time, but there have been a few times where you've lost it
It really depends on the situation and how stressed you're feeling
Yes, almost always. From the fact that I fall apart will not be better

18What are your thoughts on emotions?

Choose an answer
They're not really your thing – you prefer to keep a level head and stay logic-oriented
They can be intense, but they're also what makes life worth living
They sometimes feel like they're out of control, but you're working on managing them better
They're a necessary part of life – without them, we'd be robots

19How do you deal with stress or adversity?

Choose an answer
You meet it head-on and try to power through
You take some time to yourself to process what's going on and how you're feeling
It definitely gets the better of you, but you try not to let it show
You have your moments where you crumble, but eventually you find the strength to pick yourself back up again

20What kind of animal do you feel most drawn to?

Choose an answer
Wild animals like tigers or lions
Domestic animals like cats or dogs
I don't really have a preference

21What do you need to gain strength and energy?

Choose an answer
Be around people
Be alone
Be active
Travel around the world
Get enough sleep
Make time for myself and do things I love
I don't really need anything to gain strength and energy